X Pro 250cc ATV Review

As days passed ATV has become more and more popular among mass people. Manufacturers from different countries took this opportunity to expand their business and thus made quads for people of different ages.

Many grown people are taking ATVs as an alternative to motorbikes as ATVs are less likely to fall into accidents compare to motorbikes. ATVs come with different engine capacity and 125cc and higher are built at aiming matured and expert drivers.

In our toady’s X Pro 250cc ATV review we will talk in detail about a 200cc utility ATV from the renowned Chinese brand X Pro. So if you are looking forward to buying a high powered ATV then stay till the end to get some insightful insights about X-PRO 250cc ATV.

What is X Pro 250cc ATV For?

As I mentioned before 250cc quads are made targeting the adults who are experienced in riding four-wheelers. There are various purposes lies behind purchasing a quad by the users.

People buy ATVs for various purposes. Some buy it as a replacement for their motorbikes and cars as ATVs has less risk and lower price than the cars.

There are people who love adventure and love it to ride through difficult paths and go on an adventure to distant places. Many of these adventurous people choose ATV as their mate to ride through.

Many people buy ATV to use it for various tasks. For example, when going on hunting they depend on ATV to carry instruments and killed beasts. Some use it’s as a winch to pull out things from difficult places and some use it as a snow plowing tool. And there is more usage of an ATV if the user knows how to use it.

X-PRO 250cc ATV Quad Four Wheelers

X Pro 250cc ATV Sizing Chart

  • Front Tire                  : 23×7-10.
  • Rear Tire                   : 22×10-10.
  • Net Weight (lbs.)     : 309.
  • Gross Weight (lbs.)      : 364.
  • Weight Capacity (lbs.) : 198.
  • Overall Length             : 69.3″.
  • Overall Width              : 42.1″.
  • Overall Height             : 43.3″.
  • Carton Dimension      : 55.9″ x 33.0″ x 34.3″.
  • Seat Height                 : 31.89″.
  • Wheelbase                  : 43.9″.
  • Foot Rest Length         : 15″.
  • Fuel Tank                     : 1.11 Gallon.

Key Features

  • A four-stroke 200cc utility engine.
  • 5.32’’ ground clearance.
  • Manual transmission system.
  • 45+ miles per hour maximum speed.
  • CDI ignition.
  • Electric start system.


  • Powerful engine.
  • Engine kill switch.
  • Speed limiter.
  • Light on both front and rear.
  • Spacious seat.
  • Luggage rack on both front and rear.


  • Average build quality.
  • Poor carburetor.

An In-Depth Discussion on X Pro 250cc ATV Review

Though the name suggests it’s a 250cc ATV but the actual utility of the quad is 200cc. The engine is a typical four-stroke like many other ATVs in the market. As for the cylinder arrangement, the quad comes up with a single cylinder.

The tire sizing of the front and back is 23×7-10 and 22×10-10 respectively. For an ATV the sizing is pretty amazing. The rider will able to ride through difficult terrains with the ATV for its big and wide tires.

The quick start feature of the ATV makes it quick and convenient to launch it. The quad uses a chain for the drive.

As you are going to spend a good amount of bucks if you are planning to buy this ATV, you need detailed knowledge about the key features. So let’s find out them in the below discussion.

Engine Capability

The engine is 200cc and the quad can run very fast because of the powerful engine. If you are an experienced rider then the speed won’t bother you about controlling the ATV.

If you are someone who loves to travel distance place with a four-wheeler and need a speedy one to make your journey time short hi ATV can be a good option to consider.

The engine is four-stroke which is cooled down by air. So you can remain tense free about any heating issues while riding it.

Transmission System

The quad comes with a manual transmission system with reverse 4-3-2-1-N-R. And it’s pretty common to have a manual transmission system in a quad of this caliber.

The manual transmission system enables the user to gain full control over the ATV. And any experienced rider who loves riding ATV will find it extremely joyful to have the optimum control on the ATV while riding.

The reverse system is another cool feature that helps the user to move the ATV back without the hassle of getting out of the vehicle.


The ATV is 69.3’’ long, 42.1’’ wide, and 43.3’’ high. The quad is quite spacious which helps the rider to sit on the ATV comfortably. So it becomes easy and convenient to ride the ATV for the users.

And it’s a demand for every ATV rider to have a spacious and comfortable seat especially those who ride for a long period of time.


Riders who love traveling need to carry various instruments with them. And if the ATV doesn’t have any room for keeping the instruments then it becomes very frustrating for the rider.

Luckily this particular ATV from X Pro has a rack on both front and back. So the user won’t need to worry about carrying their instruments when going on a journey.

Safety Features

It’s very important that every quad has necessary safety features to ensure that the rider is safe while they are on the street with it.

This particular ATV comes with an engine kill switch, speed limiter, and foot brake functionalities. These features make it to have better control over the ATV and increase the safety level while riding.

The ATV also has lights on both front and back so that the rider can see the paths clearly in dark or foggy conditions.


How fast is a 250cc four-wheeler?

A 250cc ATV can go around 50 miles per hour.

How big is a 250cc quad?

In general, the 250cc quads on most models are expected to range from 66 to 76 inches long and 40 to 42 inches wide.

How fast is a 200cc ATV?

It’s common for a 250cc ATV to run around 40 miles per hour.

Is a 250 four wheeler big enough?

Yes. 250cc ATVs are made targeting fully grown people. So the manufacturers produce them in big enough sizes for the comfortable sitting of the rider.

How can I make my 200cc ATV faster?

Updating the air filter, setting up a big bore kit, using good quality fuel, and updating the exhaust are some of the common tweaks you can do to make your 200cc ATV faster.

How many weights can a 250cc ATV hold?

It varies on the different ATV models from different manufacturers. But usually, it falls between 300-400 lbs.

How can I increase my ATV power?

Using smaller tires and replacing the stock air filter with an aftermarket air filter should increase the power of your ATV.

Final Thoughts…

I think the ATV is a good buy despite having some drawbacks. The carburetor isn’t great and the materials used in the ATV are of average quality. But if you consider the price tag then you will find that the manufacturer is offering a way better quad than many of the competitors in the market.

Overall I would definitely recommend this ATV to those people who are looking for a powerful ATV at an affordable price. And that’s all for our today’s X Pro 250cc ATV review and hope it will aid you in choosing the right four-wheeler for you.

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