The 5-Best Tuff Stuff Winch Review—Just Arrived

Riding off-road, the car gets stuck in the mud. You put your foot hard on the accelerator, and still, nothing happens!

What to do then?

You should check out the tuff stuff winch review to get out of the muddy swamps.

Now, how’s that gonna help?

You’ve clearly not heard about tuff stuff. The brand makes the best winches that will lift or pull out the heaviest of loads from the tight spots—just like that.

So, if you need to tow the car, you can check out the 5-best tuff stuff winch I’ve got here. Just keep on reading.

Best Overall

Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs

Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs

Top Features

  • Great build quality.
  • Dual brakes.
  • Convenient to ride.
Premium Value

Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch

Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch

Top Features

  • Controlled 3-gear pulling system.
  • Automatic drum brake.
  • High pulling capacity.
Great Value

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch

Top Features

  • Super Lightweight.
  • Offers universal mounting.
  • Wireless remote operation.

5-Best Tuff Stuff Winch Review| Expert Approved

Ok, the Xtreme winch from Tuff Stuff comes in a wide variety. From lifting heavy-loaded trucks to UTV’s, they’ve got many options.

Here, I’ve tried to cover the wide weight pulling ranges in the list to help you find the ideal option depending on your needs.

Let’s just jump right into it.

1. Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs—Pulling “Enormous” Weights

The Xtreme pulls extreme weights. Right on its body, you’ll see 17500 lbs pulling limit. That’s no joke.

With that kind of towing power, you can support heavy pickup trucks. And it turns out, the winch is usable with a wide range of 4x4s. No matter the ride, it will get it out of the mud with ease.

Besides that impressive weight load capability, many more good things are going for the Xtreme. As it is an electric winch, it’s easier to use—no labor required. The snatch block on it is also one of the best. With the 10-ton snatch block, you get the luxury of double line pull.

Plus, how can you overlook the fact the tool is waterproof. That makes it perfect to use on those off-road conditions where you’re surrounded by water and mud. Not to forget, it offers remote control operation too. Just hook it up and use it from a distance to be safe.

best tuff stuff xtreme winch review

Technical features

  • Easy installation.
  • Super durable 10-ton snatch block.
  • Support heavy loads up to 17500 lbs or more.
  • Wireless operation through remote.
  • Waterproof system.


  • Brand : Tuff Stuff.
  • Model : TS-17500-XT..
  • Voltage : 12volts.

Why Will You Like This Product?

The extreme performance it offers in all kinds of conditions will make you a fan of this Tuff Stuff winch.

  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for lifting heavy loads.
  • Rust-proof.
  • Durable build.
  • Remote operation.
  • Noisy operation.

2. Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12,500 Lbs Winch—Unparalleled Performance

Let’s introduce ourselves to our first model – Ironton 12 V Electric Winch! 

Why did we put the Ironton 12V Electric truck winch – in our list?

Ironton 12V electric winch has earned popularity for its premium features, extraordinary performance, and reasonable price range. This winch comes with three-stage planetary gear, a wired remote control, and an automated load-holding feature. Besides, it is crafted with aircraft-grade galvanized and water resistance material.

tuff stuff winch 12,500

Technical features

  • Single line pull.
  • Load capability: 12500lbs.
  • Uses synthetic rope.
  • Wired plug-in remote .
  • Offers wireless remote.
  • Has an 8-ton snatch block.
  • Comes with a waterproof cover.


  • Brand :   Tuff Stuff.
  • Model :   TS-12500-XT-SYN.
  • Voltage : 12volts.

Why Will You Like This Product?

The cable system on the winch is better than most. It lets you pull heavy loads without breaking or anything.

  • Straightforward use.
  • Durable cable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Takes heavy-load.
  • Reliable motor.
  • A bit noisy.
  • The winch is heavy.

3. Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch—Lasts a Lifetime

Maybe you don’t go off-road riding those gigantic rides. You’ve got the UTV for that. So, having a massive load capacity winch won’t make any sense. The Xtreme winch 4500 lb is enough for the task.

Heavy-lifting winch adds weight to the ride. On your ATV’s and UTV’s, you don’t want that. The lightweight Xtreme, therefore, makes for a better choice.

Yes, the lifting capability of it is much less, but it has to offer the same quality as its counterparts. You will get a waterproof system that works even when it’s submerged in water—COOL.

With a universal mounting system, you can use it for all vehicles. And just mentioned earlier, this weighs less than those heavy-loaders. So, it is easier to carry around.

Other than that, to keep your winch motor and switch protected, the tuff stuff winch solenoid comes with the tool. By the way, you can relocate it. But the best part of them all is the built-in brake system in the winch that gives you more control in towing.

best tuff stuff winch

Technical features

  • Offers waterproof housing.
  • Supports 4500 lbs pulling capability.
  • Lightweight: 18 pounds.
  • Comes with synthetic rope.
  • Gives universal mounting.


  • Brand :   Tuff Stuff.
  • Model :   TS-4500-XT.
  • Voltage : 12volts.

Why Will You Like This Product?

You will love the Xtreme for its performance. Especially for the fact it’s so lightweight and still can pull some tremendous weight.

  • Durable build.
  • User-friendly.
  • Wireless remote operation.
  • Controlled towing.
  • Wired remote buttons could’ve been better.

4. Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500 LB Winch—Single Line “Monster” Power

Not all winches get made to handle the off-road elements. But the Tuff Stuff Overland made its name to tackle the harshest of conditions.

All thanks go to the die-cast build it got. It can withstand the impact like a champ to let the motor inside prevent any damages.

That’s not it!

With the side-mounted solenoids, even in wet conditions, it performs the same as in daily situations. Then you’ve got your heavy-duty hooks and wire that’s perfect to create a durable single line that can pull out the heaviest of rides with just a switch of a button. Or simply use the chrome-plated, piston shaped gear handle—whichever you prefer.

The 12500 lb weight pull capable motor housed inside the Overland doesn’t back down from challenges. I love the fact, the automatic-in-the-drum braking action makes sure there are no damages while towing.

Best Tuff Stuff Overland Winch

Technical features

  • Single line rated pull: 12,500 lbs.
  • Houses a 6.65 hp motor.
  • Boasts an Automatic In-The-drum braking action.
  • Synthetic rope up to 88′.
  • Has a Steel Roller Fairlead (Steel Cable).
  • Offers Wireless & Wired control.


  • Brand: Tuff Stuff Overland.
  • Model: TS-12500-XT.
  • Voltage: 12 volts.

Why Will You Like This Product?

The contained towing feature of it makes it a unique proposal. It’s not all about the power—which it doesn’t lack any too.

  • Pulls heavy-load.
  • 3-stage gear for control towing.
  • Long-distance cables.
  • Waterproof.
  • Great value.
  • Non-removable solenoid.

5. Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch—Controlled Power

There are winches in the market that offer heavy-lifting power but of no use. They can pull a lot of weight, but that does more damage than good.

Tuff Stuff finds the right ratio of power and control with their colossal Overland 13000lb.

So, what’s it got?

From the name, you can imagine how much weight it can pull—mighty impressive. But what’s even more impressive is the 3-gear pulling system of it. With the help of it, you can maneuver the ride with more control over it. You’re not just pulling it with all the might.

Though you’ve got the control, the automatic drum brake system is still in place to keep you on the safe side. And when you’re getting a Tuff Stuff winch, you can always expect it to be durable as well as made to tackle all weather.

To sum up in one word: indestructible.

best tuff stuff winch

Technical features

  • It is a 13,000 lb Winch.
  • Has a roller fairlead.
  • Uses synthetic rope.
  • Supports both wired & wireless Remote.
  • Universal mounting hardware.
  • Battery Leads: 2 Gauge, 6′ (1.8m long).
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10″ X 4.5″ (254mm X 114.3mm).


  • Brand :   Tuff Stuff Overland.
  • Model :   TS-13000-TH-L-SYN.
  • Voltage : 12 volts.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Got many reasons to love it. Pulls incredible amounts of weight, easy to use, durable—you name it.

  • Wireless support.
  • Safety features like automatic drum brakes.
  • Highly waterproof.
  • Long cable.
  • Capable of pulling heavy vehicles.
  • Makes heavy noise.

How does Tuff Stuff compare to the competition?

If you go through the review of the best tuff stuff winches, there is something quite common. No matter the category of the size or price, all the products have the same durable core—a solid, waterproof structure and cables.

Meanwhile, the competitors don’t have that consistency throughout their product line. So, Tuff Stuff stands ahead of its competition.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

You’ve got some aspects in mind. Like for what use you’re getting it. Whether you’re going to use it for heavy-duty lifting jobs or just a UTV, for example.

Then there are other factors about which you can know more in detail in the buying guide below.

Tuff stuff winch replacement parts list

For some reason, some part of your Tuff Stuff classic 12500 lb winch or any other model broken down, you don’t have to buy a new winch. You can find replacement parts for them.

Here are some of the parts that you might able to find:

  • Wireless winch remote.
  • Cable/rope.
  • Snatch block.
  • Winch hook.
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead.
  • Soft shackle.
  • Mobile winch wiring.
  • Mount.
  • Cover.
  • Recovery winch strap.

And much more. To find them, you can just go here.

Tuff stuff winch Buying Guide:

Getting a winch doesn’t involve solving complex scientific equations. All you need is to keep 3 or 4 factors in mind while making the purchase, and you’re set.

Already, you’ve got an idea about the above where I’ve talked about focusing on the use. Let’s carry on from there then.


The first thing is obvious: the pulling capacity of the winch. Ok, I’ve told you there were no equations to solve, but there is one. It is a simple one, however. To find the right pulling winch, you should consider the weight of your ride and get a device that offers 25% greater capacity.


Here lies the big question: go for integrated or non-integrated. The answer is to go with a non-integrated solenoid box. It offers more versatility and uses. You can mount it with almost everything. With the integrated ones, you don’t get that.


Choosing the right cable type will improve or hamper the performance of the winch. Now, there are two prominent options to choose from: steel and synthetic. Both have their pros and cons.

For instance, steel is more durable and more heavy-duty. But it does add extra weight not to forget, it is prone to rust.

On the other hand, synthetic is lightweight and is durable too. But exposure to chemicals and heat can be its Kryptonite.

So, weigh down the goods and bad before making the decision.


Overall, the structure of the unit requires some thought too. It needs to be durable to handle all types of terrains and conditions. All Tuff Stuff products give you just that as they have a solid build to resist impacts as well as they can survive wet settings pretty well.


Who makes Tuff stuff winch?

Tuff stuff 4×4 are the maker of the tuff stuff winches

Is Tuff Stuff waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof.

Tuff Stuff winch, is it any good?

Compared to most other brands, the winches from Tuff Stuff are much more durable and efficient. So, yes, they are quite good.

Can you buy winches replacement parts?

Yes, you can. I’ve linked it above if you’ve missed it.

Why choose Tuff Stuff winches?

There are many reasons. They are durable, perfect for all-weather use, offer the heavy-lift capability. But one reason that makes them stand out from the rest, the quality remains the same throughout all their products.

What’s the best winch for a heavy-lifting job?

For heavy-lifting like pickup trucks and stuff, go with the Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs.


Looking at the Tuff Stuff winch review, you will find an option for your need. Whether pulling up the truck or just a simple UTV, there is a winch for the job.

All you need to do is go through the list and find the right tool. If you need some help, check out the buying guide.

Whatever you pick, don’t forget to share your winch with me.

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