Don’t Miss Out These 4 Ironton Winch Review | To Ensure Durability

Do you make up your mind to buy a new winch for your vehicle? Or, do you want to replace the previous one? 

Then no need to get confused. As there are many top-notch brands and their unique models available in the store now. But today we will present a trustworthy brand for you. You must be thinking – what will be the name, right?

OKAY! Let’s directly move on the topic! We will discuss Ironton winches and here we will provide Ironton Winch Review in detailIf you want to know – why we put Ironton’s name, then read the rest of the article, you will get your answer.

Premium Value

Ironton 12 Volt DC Powered Electric Marine Winch – 5,000-Lb.

Ironton 12 Volt DC Powered Electric Marine Winch - 5,000-Lb.

Top Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Better performance.
  • Extended durability.
Great Value

Ironton 12 Volt DC Powered Electric ATV Winch – 2,500-Lb.

Ironton 12 Volt DC Powered Electric ATV Winch - 2,500-Lb.

Top Features

  • Solid performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • High-quality.

Best Ironton Winch Review – Our Top 4 Picks

After all the research and market analysis, we recommend the best four Ironton Winches based on durability and performance.

1. Ironton Truck Winch Review-12000lbs

Let’s introduce ourselves to our first model – Ironton 12 V Electric Winch! 

Why did we put the Ironton 12V Electric truck winch – in our list?

Ironton 12V electric winch has earned popularity for its premium features, extraordinary performance, and reasonable price range. This winch comes with three-stage planetary gear, a wired remote control, and an automated load-holding feature. Besides, it is crafted with aircraft-grade galvanized and water resistance material.

The top-notch aircraft-grade material does not cause any structural damage and can easily hold a remarkable amount of load. This winch includes a cable tensioner to prevent recoil. So, it can help to stop tangling when the wire is put through heavy loads. With the automatic load-holding feature, it can easily avoid extra power load. 

Here arrives another essential feature, IP66 water resistance! This high rating – will give strong protection in water. The user can also use it in submerged conditions for a decent period. With a 12ft wired remote – it is easier to keep a safe distance.

Ironton Winch Review

Technical features

  • 65ft Galvanized wire rope.
  • 1.1 HP motor.
  • Corded remote control.
  • Gear ratio – 265:1.


  • Brand- Ironton
  • Weight- 220 pounds
  • Pulling capacity- 12,000-Lb
  • Dimension-(L*D*H)(39.37*39.37 *19.69 inches)

Why Will You Like This Product?

With a high water-proof rating, this winch provides you more protection. Besides, 12,000 lbs. pulling capacity and rugged performance – give you a better result. So, for your midsize truck, this winch can be the perfect match for you. 

  • It takes less time to install.
  • It comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • This winch is powerful but quiet.
  • Heavy-duty winch.
  • It is durable and water-proof.
  • No wireless remote.

2. Ironton Electric Marine Winch Review-5000 lbs

Here arrives the second winch of our list! This marine winch comes with 5000 lbs. pulling capacity, four-stage planetary gear, and wired remote control. However, it has some similarities with our first model, but it has some extra perks.

Ironton 5,000 winch includes galvanized steel wire rope that has also been made from aircraft-grade material. So, this winch can endure heavy loads without causing any structural damage. However, it does not include a wire tensioner, though it will provide outstanding and powerful performance. 

Besides, the automated load-holding feature ensures the motor’s safety. Though this winch does not have a high water-proof rating, still, it can perform well in a few water splashes. It does not cause any performance issues.  

On top, the 10ft wired remote – helps you to operate it from a secured distance. But remember, it is not designed for load lifting.

Best ironton 5,000 winch review

Technical features

  • 12V DC.
  • 0.6 HP motor.
  • 40ft. galvanized steel wire rope.
  • 10ft. cable remote control.
  • Gear ratio – 464:1.


  • Brand – Ironton
  • Weight – 220 pounds
  • Pulling capacity – 5,000-Lb
  • Dimension-(L*D*H)(39.37*39.37*19.69 inches)

Why Will You Like This Product?

However, it has a limited pulling capacity, but still it has many effective and efficient features. For the medium or casual user, this 5000 lbs winch can be the right choice.

  • It is economical.
  • It can survive in splashes of water.
  • This winch ensures the safety of the motor.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It does not create too much sound during operation.
  • No IP66 rating.

3. Ironton Electric ATV Winch Review-5000lbs

The Ironton ATV winch comes with everything that you require to pull your ATV at any adverse conditions. This reliable winch will make your off-road adventure more thrilling!

With 5000 lbs. of pulling capacity, you can quickly recover your ATV in any emergency. For last line speed, it also has a 3-stage gear system. The 1.5 HP magnet motor helps to draw less current. For this reason, it is the better option for ATV.  

This winch also includes wire rope – made from galvanized steel aircraft-grade material and remote wire control. It has extreme durability and reliability. It can easily be put on heavyweight. The automatic load-holding option gives you the utmost safety. But remember, it is not a good option for lifting. 

Best Ironton Winches review

Technical features

  • 12V DC
  • 1.5 HP permanent magnet motor
  • 50ft. galvanized steel wire rope
  • 10ft. cable remote control
  • Gear ratio – 166:1.


  • Brand – Ironton.
  • Weight – 35.5 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity – 5,000-Lb.
  • Dimension-(L*D*H)(15.5*4.6*4.6 inches)

Why Will You Like This Product?

The permanent magnetic motor draws less current. Besides, its automatic load-holding feature provides you maximum safety. So, you can choose this winch for your ATV. 

  • Great for the price.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It can unwind and get loose effortlessly.
  • It is durable and reliable.
  • Heavy-duty material.
  • has one year of warranty.
  • You cannot use it for lifting.

4. Ironton Electric ATV Winch Review-2500 lbs.

Now comes the last model from the list. The Ironton 2500-lb ATV winch gives a remarkable amount of power to help recover ATV in any emergency. 

It delivers more power during loading a boat or traveling a rough road. This ATV winch is a better addition to an off-road journey. 

This winch includes a 1.1 HP permanent motor to draw less current. It also contains galvanized wire rope attached with a hook. Its automatic brake ensures your maximum safety. 

For last line speed, it has a differential planetary gear system. You can also remove snow with this heavy-duty winch!

Best ironton winch 5,000 lb.

Technical features

  • 12V DC.
  • 1.1 HP permanent magnet motor.
  • 50ft. galvanized steel wire rope.
  • 8ft. handlebar control.
  • Gear ratio – 166:1.


  • Brand – Ironton.
  • Weight – 19.0 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity – 2500 Lb.
  • Dimension-(L*D*H)(11 7/32*3 15/16*4 1/8 inches).

Why Will You Like This Product?

This winch includes everything that you require for the ATV with 2500 Lb. It gives your vehicle more power and delivers robust performance.

  • This winch is powerful for its size.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Heavy-duty material.
  • It can supply more power.
  • It performs flawlessly.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Ironton winch parts cost more than the new one.

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What Factors to Consider While Buying An Ideal Winch for Your Vehicle?

A safety concern arises – so you need to buy the best winch that suits your vehicle perfectly. However, there are so many brands and models available in the store. Besides, we also make a list for you. So, do not get puzzled up by the attractive ads. 

To help you out, we provide some key factors that you should bear in mind to make a better choice.

Determine your vehicle’s size

To know which winch suits your vehicle the most, you need to determine the size of your car. So, check the size first – it will make your task easier. Remember, if your truck or SUV is smaller, then no need to buy a heavy winch. 


It is another essential factor that you should keep in your mind. Based on your budget, you should buy the winch. But never go for the cheap one to save some penny as winch helps maximize your off-road safety. So, you should give a bit more concentration on it. 

Do some market research, check the customer reviews to make the buying process successful.

Winch loading capacity

The easy mathematical calculation – Winch capacity> Gross automobile weight ×1.5= Winch capacity. By using this equation, you can quickly determine the winch’s loading capacity of your vehicle.

It is one of the essential factors to consider before buying a winch for your vehicle. Pulling capacity is basically how much load the winch can take at once.


Water can damage your vehicle. So, before you buy any winch, you must have considered this factor to ensure long-lasting performance. If you want to buy a water-proof winch for your vehicle, you can buy an Ironton 12V Electric Truck Winch.

Access and expense of winch replacement parts

Many users have no concern about it. But it is essential to consider. Before buying a new winch for your vehicle, you should check how easily you can access the replacement parts and accessories. Sometimes replacement costs more, and it becomes expensive. So, it is wise to check the accessibility of replacement parts. Sometimes manufacturing companies provide the replaced parts. 


You can check the warranty before buying the winch. Try to buy the winch with a more extended warranty. Besides, check the product’s quality and feature again to make your spending worthwhile.

Customer service

You should check the customer care service of the manufacturing company. You should buy the product that gives you supportive customer care service. So, you can quickly meet up with your inquiries if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions to Meet Up Your Enquiries

In this section, we will provide some additional information to make your buying procedure more comfortable. 

Why is it a better choice to buy Ironton winches? 

Because Ironton winches are the best in its class. Besides, they include premium features, reliable performance, and high-quality material. Most of their winches come with a reasonable price range. So, everybody can afford it and buy it for their daily driven vehicle.

What important aspects should I think about while choosing a winch for my ATV?

While you think about winch, safety concerns automatically arise in your mind, right? So, to make a better and safe choice, you should follow the rule of thumbs. When you make your mind to buy a winch for your ATV, you need to consider some important factors – 

  1. Better-quality product
  2. Affordable price range
  3. Solid performance
  4. Water-proof
  5. Loading capacity
  6. Warranty
  7. Fast delivery
  8. Replacement accessories
  9. Customer service 

Why do Ironton winches earn so much popularity?

Ironton winches have earned popularity nowadays for their robust performance, extreme durability, top-notch quality, and superior features. Most of their winches provide maximum loading capacity. They are also easy to use and take less time to install. Besides, some of their models also have water-proof features. So, many ATV or truck users now start to use Ironton winches.

Over to You!

We know it is not easy to make a profitable decision as your safety is a primary concern. So, it is better to spend some time making a better buying decision. Remember, do not forget to wear hand gloves to ensure your safety and protect your fingers. Besides, you should keep your pet or kid away from your working place to ensure safety.

Our purpose behind this presentation is to assist you in your purchasing process. So, if you miss out on any vital point, then you can again read the Ironton winch review. And make your off-road driving enjoyable and safe.

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