Traveller Winch vs Badland Winch : Comparison and Contrasts

There are a variety of winches in the market. Traveller Winch and Badland winch are two of the highly popular brands that supply good-quality winches. Though both are categorized as ‘winch’, they have certain qualities, features, and applications that have made them distinct and unique.

In this article, we are basically going to show you a Traveller winch vs badland winch comparison. We will define both of them and tell you how they work.

Before the conclusion, you’ll also get to know the reasons these two winches are so popular. So, waiting no more, let’s dive in.

What is Traveller Winch?

Let me first start talking about what is a winch. If any heavy vehicles go off-road, a winch can come to help for pulling or towing them. However, that’s just a basic use of a winch. By the dint of updated technologies, you can use a winch for many purposes. A winch has become an essential tool for boats, snowplows, and all-terrain vehicles, be it for farming or industrial.

So, the question is ‘what is a Traveller winch?’ Is it a type of winch? The answer is ‘no’. Traveller Winch is actually one of the popular brands in the winch industry that really offers exceptional value. With a variety of models, this brand let the users pick the best one required for them.

They are very attractive to customers for durability, high-capacity, and other amazing features. They come with different rated line pulls and either with rope or cable.

Most of the Traveller winch features a 4 bolt mounting system and a motor of 12V. Usually, the manufacturer of Travellers winches keeps its customers assured with 1 year of warranty.

What is Badland Winch?

Badland winch is another popular brand in the winch market. To get your ATV or car out of the ditch, a winch from the Badland brand is a great choice.

Badland has many models with different rated pull lines. Most of the high-end winches from Badland with high-quality cables and 3-months of warranty.

How Does a Traveller Winch Work?

Before going to know about how a Traveller winch works, it is important to understand what makes up a winch. There are several components in a Traveller winch that work independently to achieve a single goal. The basic parts you’ll see in a Traveller winch are as follows:

  • A rope or cable wire: A Traveller winch uses either a rope or cable wrapped around a drum. It helps to prevent entanglement. The cable or rope length ranges from 40 to 100 feet. 
  • A drum: Coming with a circular shape, a drum lets you wrap the cable around it without much ado. The drum rotates in a circular motion with the help of a spool that remains within the winch. The cable goes in or out with the motion of the drum. 
  • A gear train: A gear train enables a winch to pull by converting the power from the motor.
  • A motor: A motor in the winch can speed things up more than manual winches. The drum achieves its power from a motor to wrap the wire.

All of these components work together to make a Traveller winch work.

So how do all of these parts work? How do you work with a Traveller winch?

  • The first step involves tracing the object that you want towing. Pull out the cable wire or rope and then attach it to the traced object you have to tow.
  • Attach the cable wire to the object and then turn on the motor of the winch.
  • When you turn the motor on, it will start to turn the spool and pull the cable back toward the vehicle. When the object is towed as per your expectation, turn off the motor and you’re done.

How Does Badland Winch Work?

Badland is just another brand of the winch that features the same components of any winch including the Traveller winch. It also features a motor, cable, drum, and motor. However, one most of the good-quality badland winches usually feature cable wire, not rope.

A badland winch also comes with the same working style as Travellers winch. The first and foremost thing is to trace the object for towing. Getting the cable wire out, you’re to attach that with the desired object.

The rest of the task is easy, just switch the motor on, and things will start working to get things done. It is pretty simple math, right?

What Makes Traveller Winches Popular?

Traveler winch has achieved a good name and fame in the winch industry. If you peep at any related online forum, you’ll find uncountable positive reviews and comments about this brand.

Some factors have contributed to making the Traveller winches popular. Here are a few key characteristics that have set Traveller winch apart from the crowd:

High Load Capacity

A winch should be reliable enough to cope up with the heavy strain. Most of the high-end Traveller winches are capable of bearing heavy loads. The robust quality of Traveller winches has made them reliable for years.

Heavy-Duty Steel Material

The steel used in making the Traveller winches are heavy-duty and durable. That’s the mystery why Traveller winches last longer than other average winches. Apart from being durable, Traveller winches are corrosion-resistant as well. The winches are very suitable to be used outdoors.

Rubberized Remote Switch

Traveler winches feature heavy-duty and rubberized remote switches to make the winches easy and flexible to operate. Any individual with minimal prior experience can easily handle and use the Traveller winches.

Automatic Braking Action

Traveler winches come with an automatic brake function. The load remains secured even when the handle is released.


Who does not like a product with a good warranty period? A warranty assures the customer about the quality of the product. When it comes to Traveller winches, they feature a 1-year warranty so that the users can trust the durability and the quality of the winches they buy from the brand.

What Makes Badland Winches Popular?

Badland winches are popular in the winch industry due to some specific features they offer:


Badlands winches are incredibly affordable if you compare them to the price of similar winches from other brands. You can easily buy them at low-cost from your trusted online shop or Harbor Freight, the manufacturing source.

Steel Cable of Aircraft Grade

Badland winches use aircraft-grade steel cable for making their winches. It is one of the reasons why badland winches are so durable. Be it a small winch or a large one, this type of cable remains firm and is capable of remaining resilient even after months of use.

High-Powered Motors

When it comes to motors, Badland winches come with high-horsepower motors that are the best in their class.

When the motors come with brushless architecture, they become more efficient and cause less friction when you use them for an extended period of time. To bear loads of cars or similar vehicles, high-end motors also come with a magnet system which increases the overall capacity.

Easy to Use

Badland winches are easy to use or operate. On top of that, the installation process is also easy.

3-Stage Planetary Gear

One of the aspects that separate the Badland winches from other average winch brands is the use of a 3-stage planetary gearbox system. This system enhances reliability and torque.


Though Badlands winches are cost-friendly, it does not mean that they are not durable. Badland winches are suitable to be used for a long period if you take care of them properly. While they offer a warranty period of 3 months, even the smallest models can sustain longer.

To get the best durability out of them, you have to pay attention to their towing capacity and use them accordingly.

Auto Load-Holding Brake

In case of unexpected unspooling, accidents may occur in low-quality winches. But, if you own a Badland winch, you’ve nothing to worry about. They almost all the time come with an automatic load-holding brake. This brake is very effective to prevent unexpected unspooling.

What are Customers Saying About Traveller Winch?

So, what are some of the customer opinions about the Traveller winches? First of all, good construction values draw the attention of the customer. Secondly, most of the customers are quite positive about durability as the winches have a warranty. Their high load-bearing capacity and build quality are also praised.

The flexibility of the Traveller winches has also made the Traveller winches highly demandable.

When it comes to critical reviews, many customers complain about the high price of the Traveller winches while many find it cost-effective.

The second thing that many customers find challenging about the Traveller winches is the difficulty to install. If the instructions are not followed carefully, it is really tough to get the Traveller winch installed.

What are Customers Saying About Badland Winch?

Badland winches are well-reputed among the buyers. They praise the affordability of it. Many customers also highlight the wide range of capacities. Customers say that the Badland winches are durable, stable, and efficient.

However, there are some customers as well who are not so much satisfied with Badland winch. They complain about the complexity of the assembling process. On top of that, they complain that Badland winches are prone to get corroded if they are left out in the elements. Damage of wired control is also another issue that many users talk about.

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Final Thoughts

So, that’s our guide on Traveller winch vs Badland winch. We hope that you now have a good idea of the difference between these two famous brands.

No matter what brands you buy, you will find most of them have some unique characteristics that have contributed to their success in the winch industry. You can rely on any of these brands to find your winch.

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