Top 6 Traveller winch reviews (Best winch for muddy places)

Do you know what happened to my first off-road adventure?

It was the worst nightmare!

Don’t you ask me why?

In my first off-road adventure, my vehicle stuck in mud after going a few kilometers.


Tried different driving methods,

Applied tractions in front of the tire,


My first off-road adventure went in vain. At that time, I realized that if I had a winch, my first off-road adventure could be saved.

So, to save your adventure, here I came up with this guide of the top-six Travellers winch reviews.

This list consists of heavy-duty, compact, lightweight, small, and budget-friendly Traveller winches. It doesn’t matter what your demand is; you can find your solution within this list.

Without wasting any time let’s check out what is in this list of top six traveller winch;

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The 6 Best Traveller winch

Best Overall

Traveller 12000LB winch reviews

Best Traveller 12000LB winch reviews

Top Features

  • Higher pulling capacity
  • Perfect for heavy-duty winching.
  • 83.7ft lengthy steel cable.
Premium Choice

Traveller 2500LB winch reviews

Traveller 2500LB winch reviews

Top Features

  • 1.3HP motor.
  • 47.6 ft cable.
  • One year limited warranty.
Great Value

Traveller 4500LB winch reviews

Traveller 9000LB winch reviews

Top Features

  • Serious wound motor.
  • Heavy-duty remote switch.
  • One year limited warranty.

1.Traveller 12000LB winch reviews – Best heavy-duty winch

On our list of top six traveller winch reviews, traveller 12000LB win the first position for its heavy-duty capability. If you’re someone who needs towing trucks, jeeps, pick-ups, and snowplows frequently, then this heavy-duty winch could be the best option for you.

It comes with a 12V series wound DC motor, and its maximum output is 3.0HP. With its pulling capacity, it can handle any load, which is less than 12000LB.

It also comes with an 83.7ft long durable steel cable. This cable can handle more weight compared to synthetic cable. Plus, it goes through a roller fairlead. Thus, it minimizes cable damages when you pull the cable from different angles.

This 419$ winch is equipped with an automatic braking system. It allows you more control while pulling the cable. Moreover, it also helps to pull the cable more appropriately.

The remote controller is another crucial feature of a winch, and Traveller didn’t compromise here, this 12000LB winch features a rubberized remote switch. It helps to control the winch easily.

When it comes to built quality, Traveller 12000LB is an example of excellent built quality. It is made with solid steel, which ensures its durability and protection.

Traveller 12000LB winch

Technical features

  • Series wound motor.
  • 12000LB load capacity.
  • Heavy-duty remote switch.
  • Steel cable.
  • Fairlead roller system.


  • Maximum load capacity : 12,000 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 3.0 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Steel.
  • Cable length : 83.7 ft.
  • Weight : 85.83 lb.
  • Warranty : 1 Year, Limited.

Why Will You Like This Product?

With excellent built quality, powerful motor, steel cable, and automatic braking system, Traveller 12000LB is a complete package for heavy-duty winching.


  • It is a powerful winch.
  • Spools are very effective.
  • The cable is heavy and stable.
  • Super easy installation.
  • Built with durable materials.


  • Doesn’t comes with a wireless remote controller.

2.Traveller 9000LB winch reviews – Best truck winch

Traveller 9000LB is the runner up of this list of top traveller winch reviews. With its 9000LB pulling capacity, it can pull and tow jeeps, trucks, pick-ups, and snowplows less than 9000LB. Having said that, it’s a heavy-duty winch that can help you out in any bad situation. If your vehicle weight is less than 9000LB and looking for a heavy-duty winch then, you won’t go wrong if you choose this winch.

It is packed with a series wound 12V DC motor, and it has a maximum output of 2.8HP. As you already know, a series wound motor is a heavy-duty performer, so you don’t need to worry about its performance.

This heavy-duty winch features a 95ft long steel cable, and it is a plus point. This longer cable allows you to tow from long distance. Another advantage of this cable is it goes through a roller fairlead. Thus, it will protect the cable from damages when you pull from different angles.Moreover, this $319 winch has an automatic braking system. It holds the load when the motor stops working, and it protects you from unwanted dangers.Comfortless is a must-have felling that should experience while using any product. Thanks to the Traveller for providing rubberized remote switch, which will make you feel comfortable while using it.

The body of this winch is made with stainless steel, which ensures its durability. Plus, it has powder finish that protects the winch from harmful elements. It weighs only 83 pounds. As a result, it fits into your vehicle easily.

Traveller 9000LB winch

Technical features

  • Automatic braking system.
  • 9000LB load capacity .
  • 2.8HP motor.
  • 95ft steel cable.
  • Roller fairlead for minimizing cable damage.


  • Maximum load capacity : 9000 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 2.8 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Steel.

Why Will You Like This Product?

With exceptional built quality, high-performance motor, lengthy steel cable, automatic braking system, Traveller 9000LB is a perfect choice for those who need to go through terrain regularly.


  • Cable is stable.
  • Powder-coated finishing.
  • Works exceptionally well under heavy load.
  • Well built quality.
  • Works fast.


  • Little bit heavier.
  • Could be more waterproof.

3.Traveller 2500LB winch reviews – Best ATV winch

In our list, Traveller 2500LB is the first lightweight winch. It is designed for ATV, UTV, snowplows, and boats. The size of this winch is small, and it looks compact. Hence, you can easily install and mount it quickly. With its 2500LB capacity, it can cope with any vehicle which is less than 2500LB. This lightweight winch is an excellent choice for small vehicle owners.

This lightweight winch is first in our list that comes with a permanent magnet motor. It features a 12V motor, and its maximum output is 1.1HP. Permanent magnet motor is known to suitable for the lightweight task, and it can’t handle heavy-duty work. With its 1.1HP output, it is capable enough for handlining all types of small vehicles.

When it comes to cable, this $99 winch features 46ft galvanized aircraft cable. This cable is more durable than standard steel cable. Plus, it goes through a roller fairlead. Therefore, it will increase the lifespan of the cable through reducing damages.

This winch is also packed with an automatic braking system and a free spooling clutch. It helps the cable refrain from getting stuck, which makes its operation more efficient.Moreover, it has a handlebar-mounted remote switch. This remote switch helps you to control the winch easily and smoothly.

Traveller 2500LB winch reviews

Technical features

  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • Handlebar-mounted remote switch.
  • 46ft steel cable.
  • 2500LB load capacity.
  • Universal mounting plate  .


  • Maximum load capacity : 2500 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 1.1 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Steel.
  • Cable length : 46 ft.
  • Weight : 24.26 lb.
  • Warranty : 1 Year, Limited.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Though Traveller 2500LB has limited capability, although it packs with premium features, it is designed for handling the lower load. You won’t face any shortcomings if you use this winch for the small vehicle. In my opinion, it’s an excellent winch for $90. It’s really tough to find this quality winch in this budget.


  • Aircraft galvanized steel cable.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Built with durable steel.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Comes with extra wiring.
  • Very strong.


  • Need improvement in instruction material.

4.Traveller 4500LB winch reviews – Best budget winch

It is impossible to complete this list of traveller winch reviews without having a winch for the all-terrain vehicle. To keep that in mind, here I am introducing the Traveller 4500LB. This winch is solely designed for the all-terrain medium-sized vehicle. It can work flawlessly with medium size vehicles such as ATV/UTV, boats, snowplows, etc.

As this is not a heavy-duty winch, that’s why it comes with a permanent magnet motor. It is a 12V motor, and its maximum output capacity is 1.3HP. With this capacity, this motor won’t face any shortcomings while dealing with vehicles that weigh 4500LB equal or less.

The cable size of this winch is 47.6ft. It is a perfectly galvanized aircraft cable. Aircraft galvanized cable is known to be more durable and long-lasting than standard steel cable. It also features a free spooling clutch that keeps the cable straight while pulling. Therefore, it makes pulling more efficient.

Energy efficiency is a must-have quality for any electric winch. Thanks to the Traveller for keeping this in mind while designing this winch. This 4500LB winch is surely energy-efficient, it won’t drain your battery in a short time. Even you don’t need to think about changing or upgrading your existing battery.

It is a compact and lightweight winch. It’s a great advantage of this winch. If you need to change winch between vehicles, here Traveller 4500LB comes into the game. Being compact and lightweight means effortless mount and unmounts.In addition to permanent motor and aircraft galvanized cable, it also features an automatic braking system, roller fairlead, and handlebar-mounted remote switch.

Best Traveller winch reviews

Technical features

  • Load capacity 4500LB.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • Comes with free spooling clutch.
  • Automatic braking system.
  • The cable is aircraft galvanized.


  • Maximum load capacity : 4500 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 1.3 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Steel.
  • Cable length : 47.6 ft.
  • Weight :34.85 lb.
  • Warranty : 1 Year, Limited.

Why Will You Like This Product?

If you compare this winch with other winches, you will understand that it’s a great package under $200. With all premium features and exceptional built quality, it is a top-notch choice for medium-duty winching.


  • Inexpensive but works very well.
  • Good quality roller fairlead.
  • Exceptional built quality.
  • Easy to install.


  • The instruction manual is not enough.

5.Traveller 3500LB winch reviews – Best winch under $150

Traveller 3500LB is straightforward and easy to operate. It doesn’t have an immense power capacity, but it can work perfectly for small vehicles. It is a compact but powerful winch that can spontaneously deal with ATV/UTV, boats, and snowplows.

It features a 12V permanent magnet motor. It has a maximum output of 1.3HP. This motor is capable enough of dealing with 3500LB vehicles.

This winch comes with a 42ft aircraft galvanize steel cable. That’s why it can take more load than standard steel cable. Though this cable is not so long, it still does the job correctly.

Furthermore, it features an easy mounting system, which includes a universal mounting plate, and it helps you to move at the highest possible speed. On the other hand, this winch also features a remote activation system for simple operation.

The body of this winch is built with steel, and it has powdered finish. For this reason, this machine lasts longer. It also keeps the winch safe from harmful elements. Moreover, it is a compact winch which weighs just 26lbs.

Traveller 3500LB winch reviews

Technical features

  • Maximum load capacity 3500LB.
  • 1.3HP motor.
  • 42ft Steel cable.
  • Automatic braking system .
  • Handlebar-mounted remote .


  • Maximum load capacity : 3500 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 1.3 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Steel.
  • Cable length : 42 ft.
  • Weight :26.19 lb.
  • Warranty : 1 Year, Limited.

Why Will You Like This Product?

What could you get more from this winch in less than $150? If you compare Traveller 3500LB with other famous brands winch, you will see that it provides more value compared to its price. It is a valuable solution for small vehicles.


  • Inexpensive but works very well.
  • Works pretty fast.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Built with high-quality material.
  • Galvanized aircraft cable.


  • Makes noise.

6. Traveller 10,000LB winch reviews – Best winch for muddy places

The last winch in our list of top Traveller winch is traveller 10000LB. Though it comes in last on our list, it has the second-highest capacity. With its10000LB pulling capacity, it can handle trucks, jeeps, car, SUV, and any other vehicles which weighs less or equal to 10000LB. If you’re an off-road adventure lover, then this winch could be an ideal choice for you.This heavy-duty beast features 12V series wound DC motor. It can generate a maximum of 2.8HP. The crucial fact about this motor is it can generate the same output in a heated condition.

It is the first winch in our list that comes with synthetic cable. It features 82ft synthetic cable. Unlike steel cable, this cable is 100% safe. If it breaks, still you can use this cable by tying it. On the other hand, this synthetic rope goes through a fairlead; it helps to protect the rope while pulling from different angles.

The wireless remote is another excellent feature of this winch. It is the only winch in our list that features a wireless remote. This wireless remote can operate from a distance of 100ft. The wireless remote is very helpful if you pull your vehicle through muddy places. Furthermore, it also features a heavy-duty rubberized remote switch for smooth operation.Moreover, it features an automatic braking system and a free spooling clutch. The automatic braking system helps to hold the load when winch stop working. Free spooling clutch keeps the rope straight to maximize the pulling power.Body of this winch made with Steel that makes its body durable and long-lasting. It weighs only 29.5lbs. It’s not so heavy winch compared to other heavy-duty winches.

Best Traveller 10,000LB winch reviews

Technical features

  • Maximum loading capacity 10000LB.
  • Series wound motor with 2.8HP output.
  • Wireless remote controller.
  • Rubberized heavy-duty remote switch  .
  • Synthetic rope.


  • Maximum load capacity : 10000 lb.
  • Motor Capacity : 12V motor with a maximum output of 2.8 HP.
  • Types of Cable : Synthetic.
  • Cable length : 82 ft.
  • Weight :29.5 lb.
  • Warranty : 3 Year.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Traveller 10000LB has all the necessary features that might have for a heavy-duty winch. Features like wireless remote, series wound motor, and 10000LB capacity makes this winch a lucrative choice in less than $600. It could be a best friend for any off-road adventure lover.


  • 82ft long cable.
  • Wireless remote works at a range of up to 100ft.
  • Three years of warranty.
  • Built with quality material.
  • Can handle heavy-duty tasks smoothly.


  • Expensive.

The reason behind the popularity of traveller winches

Traveller winches are new, but they are becoming popular day by day. There are many reputable winch brands, but Traveller already made a name within them.

There are few facts, which make this brand stand out among others and they are;

Built quality

Traveller winches price tends to be lower than famous winch brands, but they don’t compromise with the built quality. It is one of the reasons people love this brand.

Provides more value than its price

It is a crucial aspect of traveller winches. It used to provide more value compared to its price.Traveller winches have a higher capacity.If you compare winches, you can easily find out that Traveller winches have higher capacity in the same price range compared to other brands.

Motor and cable

Motor and cable are two most important part of a winch, that’s what Traveller keeps in mind when they design a winch. If you check its winch, you can figure out that Traveller always provides high-quality motor and cable to its winches.

Comparison of Traveller with other brands

When winch brands comparison comes to your mind, few winch brands will show up in front of your eyes, such as Warn, Smittybilt, Superwinch, etc. If you want to compare winch brands, then you need to check their features and overall performance.If you compare Traveller with Smittybilt, you will find that Smittybilt is cheaper than Traveller. Smittybilt is known for providing cheap winches for years.On the other hand, the Traveller winch size is bigger than Warn. Warn is famous for providing winch solutions to smaller vehicles. Warn used to provide compact winches.Moreover, Superwinch is famous for its innovative solutions and line speed. If you compare Superwinch with other brands, you will find that Superwinch line speed is better than other brands.In the view of individual features, other brands may be better than Traveller, but it wins over other brands by offering a complete package. All Traveller winch feature higher capacity, high-quality cable and motor, and best-built material. All of those makes Traveller winch a complete package at a reasonable price. It provides solutions for every problem at a very competitive price. For this reason, it became the number one choice for most people.

How does a traveller winch work?

Traveller winches are electric winch. So, here we will know how Traveller electric winch works. Every electric winch has three main parts, such as motor, gear, and power supply. Let’s dive into them to know how they work;

Winch motor

Traveller winches have electric motors that drive the drum that reel the cable. Its motor operates through electricity. In Traveller winch, motors current changes on opposing poles spin a magnet that drives the motor and turns the winch. Winches are heavy duty. That’s why electric winch must provide a reliable electrical system so that it can handle a higher charge. The electric motor also needs to be capable of handling heavier loads.


Traveller winches use the planetary gear. Planetary gear works like planets orbiting the sun. A small gear orbit around a large gear so that it can pull larger objects easily.

Power supplies

Winch motor runs by AC or DC power system. It can take power directly from vehicle AC or DC battery. Most of the ATV winches are DC powered; they run on ATV batteries. On the other hand, truck winches run on 12V DC power. We can use kits to run off the truck electrical system while the truck is on, and its alternator is running. It allows the winch to be more efficient than running from a dry battery. A winch won’t drain the truck battery completely when the truck is not running. Usually, Winch gear does the job. Winch motor doesn’t consume too much power.

Parts and accessories of traveller winch

Traveller winch has some parts and accessories. They are helpful for operating the winch. Its parts and accessories can help you to repair, install, and perform maintenance smoothly. Let’s know about Travellers winch parts and accessories;

Quick mounting plate

The quick mounting plate is the most useful tool as it can help you to install or remove the winch without pain. Moreover, it can also protect your vehicle from the strain.

Control set

If anything goes wrong with your wiring, here the control set comes into the game, it can save yourself from danger. On the other hand, the control set allows you to fix your wiring quickly.

Snatch block

The Snatch block is a must-have tool for every winch owner. It helps to reduce winch load and heat. Thus, it increases the motor life span. Moreover, it also increases winch pulling power.

Wireless controller

The wireless controller is an excellent aid for a winch. It is easy to install. In the muddy places, the wireless controller could be your best friend.

Elevated pulley system

An elevated pulley system is a magical tool for the winch. It can increase winch power a few times more than its original capacity.

Winch Installation & Wiring Diagrams

Winch installation is easy if you do it properly. Before winch installation, you need to confirm that you have few things in place and they are;⦁ Winch⦁ Screwdriver⦁ Bolts⦁ Mounting plate (if your vehicle doesn’t have winch installation place)⦁ Winch instruction manualTo install a winch successfully, you need to do just two things. First, you need to attach the winch to your vehicle, secondly connect the winch wire to the vehicle battery.So, let’s attach the winch to the vehicle. Here you will need to do some bolting work. There are four bolts that you will need to attach directly. If your vehicle doesn’t have proper space for installing a winch, then you can use the mounting plate.Now, it’s time to connect the winch wire to the vehicle battery. There are two wires; one is positive, and one is negative comes out from the control box. Take the positive wire and connect it with the battery’s positive point. After that, take the negative wire and connect it with the battery’s negative point. Welcome, you have completed the winch installation.Don’t forget to test the winch through the remote after completing the installation.Wiring setup for traveller winches may vary for their capacities. But most of the Traveller winch wiring setup is tend to be similar. Also, most of the electric winch wiring setup is identical. Here is a diagram for Traveller electric winches, it shows the standard wiring setup.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How could I know which winch is suitable for me?

Your winch pulling power must be 1.5 times higher than your vehicle weight. So, find out your vehicle weight, then multiply that weight with 1.5, the result will be the minimum power requirement for your winch. Let’s say your vehicle weight is 1000lbs, then your winch minimum power requirement would be (1000×1.5) lbs.= 1500lbs.

Steel cable or synthetic rope, which one should I choose for Traveller winch?

Both cables have their advantages. Steel cable has been leading the cable option of winches for many years, but it has also some drawbacks. It’s dangerous to use steel cables without gloves. If it breaks, then there are higher chances of dangers, you can’t use the steel cable again if it breaks down.On the other hand, the synthetic rope doesn’t have the above problems. But if you need to regularly use your winch and perform heavy-duty tasks, then go for steel cable. Moreover, if you need to use winch occasionally and don’t need to perform heavy-duty tasks, then pick the synthetic rope.

Can Traveller winches operate continuously without maintenance and repair?

Winches are one kind of machine. Like every machine, Traveller winch needs regular maintenance and repair. You should perform maintenance before every ride; this can save you from unwanted situations.

Are Traveller winches good compared to other winches available on the market?

Though traveller winch is a new brand compared to other reputable brands, its winches are as good as renowned brands winches.

Final words

Above I reviewed six best traveller winches. In this traveller winch reviews list, you can find features that you often see on reputable brands winches. If you’re interested in buying Traveller winch, then this list of Traveller winches might be an excellent aid for you. Which Traveller winch do you like most from this list? Write the name of your favorite Traveller winch in the comment box below.

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