6 Best KFI Winch Reviews: an Ultimate Solution For Your Stuck ATV and UTV

It’s fun to go on a trip for an off-road driving enthusiast. But is off-road driving as simple as polish road driving? No way! You have to overcome the enemy of snow, mud, sand, desert, and any other adverse weather. The KFI winches may come to you as a  way to escape from those dangers.

KFI is a brand that produces a variety of four-wheel accessories. The Winch is the most mentionable accessory among all. As an off-road driving lover, you must install a winch to your favorite ATV or UTV to get an exciting journey. Here, we will describe the 6 best KFI winch reviews to reduce your workload while choosing one.

Best Overall

KFI 3500 Stealth Winch

Top Features

  • Maximum pull rate.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Easy to use.

KFI stealth winch 5000

Top Features

  • High quality.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Need minimum drilling to install.

KFI 4500 stealth winch

Top Features

  • Plenty of power.
  • Perform flawlessly even at mountain.
  • Solid stuff.

Best KFI Winch Reviews: Ensure The Value of Your Time

After spending a week’s in-depth research, we have found these six KFI ATV winches. So after installing one of the winches on your ATV, you don’t need to call a tow truck to escape you when your car is stuck.

1. KFI 3500 Stealth Winch Review

The next Winch is KFI SE35 ATV Stealth Winch Kit, which can pull 3500 pounds at once. If you often have to pass a muddy road, it is the perfect choice because it is specially designed for dirty and off terrain roads. The Stealth Winch provides you a mechanical and dynamic braking system, and it is very convenient for the journey. 

You can operate your Winch in two ways. One is a corded remote, and another is cordless remote, and both operations include 14 fits cable. That’s why you can easily control the Winch from a little distance. 

On top, the KFI SE35 ATV winch has too many synthetic cables, which will tighten your car for pulling from any worst situation. There is a mountable adjusted bracket to the ATV. It is not the perfect winch kit for those needing water resistance winch for their vehicles because it isn’t waterproof.

 KFI winch reviews

Technical features

  • Used 3/16″ steel.
  • Mini-rocker controlling switch.
  • Synthetic cable.
  • Pulling capacity- 3500lbs.


  • Brand – KFI.
  • Mode – SE35.
  • Weight – 24.8lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 3500lbs.
  • Dimension (L*D*H) (16″*8″*8″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

It has both cordless and corded remote, to operate the winch. You don’t face any problem when operating the winch and can control it from a far away. 

  • Straight forward installation process.
  • Maximum pull rate.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Easy to use.
  • One year warranty.
  • Not water resistance.

2. KFI stealth winch 5000 reviews

First, we like to introduce the KFI AS-50 model winch to you because of its effortless, efficient workability in any situation. This kfi winch 5000 starts working within a few seconds and stops working after finishing its job. How fantastic it is for an adventure lover! So you can leave your car’s off-road overall performance responsibility on this KFI As-50 winch.

As it can pull almost 5000 pounds, so you don’t have to think about your ATV, UTV, or SxS vehicle’s weight while installing this Winch. Do you think about its installation procedure and time? Don’t think. It offers you a user manual to inform you of the simple and less time-consuming installation.

The Winch’s cable hook stopper can prevent any damage to your car. Still, there is no chance of the cable’s loose connection because the synthetic wires are strong enough, well designed, and can take lots of pressure. The last mentionable feature is the water-resistance. So you don’t have to worry about using it beside any lake, pond, or river.

Best KFI winch reviews

Technical features

  • Used synthetic cables.
  • 180:1 gear ratio.
  • 120 volt DC motor.
  • 1.22 horsepower permanent magnet.


  • Brand – KFI.
  • Model – AS-50.
  • Weight – 6lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 5000lbs.
  • Dimension(L*D*H) (13.9″*4.45″*4.76″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

In our series of winch, it can load the maximum capacity. So you can buy it for your heavyweight vehicles.

  • High quality.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Need minimum drilling to install.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Two available sizes (standard and wide).
  • No warranty.

3. KFI 4500 stealth winch review

The KFI Se45 model ATV winch includes everything you need to pull your stuck car at any emergency. Not only that, it doesn’t struggle with anything such as mud, snow, or water. This Winch offers you more than 100 times services when you are stuck in any snowbank-ups, FedEx, or mountain. Even it will pull your ATV if you or your driver lose the car’s control and slip down off the trail. 

It has as much power as you can easily pull dozens of fallen trees and limbs with it.  The kfi 4500 winch synthetic rope is too durable and can effortlessly take heavyweight vehicles. The SE45 Stealth Winch can be your great purchase to remove you from a stuck.

Best kfi 4500 stealth winch review

Technical features

  • Synthetic cables with cable hook stopper.
  • The mechanical and dynamic braking system.
  • Water resistance.


  • Brand- KFI.
  • Model-SE45.
  • Weight- 14.4lns.
  • Pulling capacity- 4500lbs.
  • Dimensions (L*D*H) (16″*8″*8″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

If you like outing in the rainy season, or beside a watery area, you can pick this model of winch. 

  • Plenty of power.
  • Perform flawlessly even at mountain.
  • Solid stuff.
  • Heavy-duty material.
  • Fast delivery.
  • One year warranty.
  • All the wires are slightly extended.

4. KFI 3000 winch reviews

If you are looking for superior quality, well designed, and a flawless working winch, then the KFI A3000 model is the best option. It is natural to get stuck when driving any muddy, uneven, and off-road. This Winch can load 3000 pounds, so you don’t need to wait for a tow when stuck anywhere during your driving. 

The company provides everything to you to install it in your car. Even if you are a novice, you can alone install it. First, you have to read the user manual properly to make the installation process error-free. This is made from cast aluminum, so it is lightweight, durable, and sturdy. Moreover, the electrical contractor protects your car’s electrical system.

Fortunately, KFI attaches the adjustable bracket with the Winch so that you can mount a mini rocker switch. What is the Advantage of the adjustable bracket? It offers you to control the car without sitting in the vehicle’s seat.

Best KFI 3000 winch reviews

Technical features

  • Heavy-duty electrical contractor.
  • 14″ corded remote.
  • Gear ratio 17:1.
  • Dynamic and mechanical break.
  • 3/16″ cable.


  • Brand- KFI
  • Model-KFI A Series Winch
  • Weight-7lbs
  • Pulling capacity- 3000lbs
  • Dimensions (L*D*H) (16″*12.5″*7.5″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

It can tolerate any adverse situation to release your stuck car. Even, you will also like their fast and friendly customer treatment.

  • Easy to install.
  • Fit your car perfectly.
  • Wallet-friendly.
  • Convenient user manual.
  • Great customer service .
  • One year warranty.
  • Sometimes the Winch will over tighten.

5. KFI SE25 ATV Winch Kit reviews

The kfi 2500 winch kit needs only a 12-volt direct current to operate its 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet motor. That means it saves your fuel cost without compromising its productivity. The gear ratio 171:1 is superb, efficient, and it has a dynamic and mechanical braking system. It can easily pull 2500 pounds, so perfect for your lightweight vehicle.

If you use this Winch in your ATV, then you don’t have to struggle to pull the stuck car. Even, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner in off-roading, you can easily overcome all kinds of off-road troubles. The company uses all metallic materials to make this durable, stable, and heavy-duty. This Winch serves you for a long time. 

The SE25  model includes synthetic cables to perform better on your pulling time. As a result, the cable can take high pressure and make your ATV pulling smooth and less time-consuming. Your car’s electric connection will always remain protected because of the Winch’s electrical controlling system. Not only that, the cable stopper hook prevents sudden cable loosening probability while pulling your car.

Best KFI winch reviews

Technical features

  • Synthetic cable.
  • Water resistance seal.
  • Cable hook stopper.


  • Brand- KFI.
  • Model-KFI Stealth Series Winch.
  • Weight-10.4lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 2500lbs.
  • Dimensions (L*D*H) (17″*13″*8″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

If you live a low temperature and cold weather area, then it will be perfect for you. As it can easily remove snow.

  • Great Winch for snow removal.
  • Simple installation.
  • Long enough for easy routing.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Element resistance.
  • Sometimes make noise.

6. KFI stealth winch 2500 review

At last, we keep the KFI A2500 ATV winch in our review. No issues in which vehicle you install this Winch, it works smoothly and correctly for all kinds of vehicle. After using the A2500 Winch, you will be satisfied by noticing its powerful and flawless pulling capacity. Maybe, you have used a lot of Winch to your ATV, and most probably, they couldn’t make you smile. That’s why now you are again researching Winch. 

KFI guarantees you will forget your past inefficient winch experience at the time you use it. This Winch can pull 2500 pounds, which means it is designed for a lightweight to medium-weight vehicle. On top, 1.2 HP motor and 171:1 gear ratio will add extra efficiency to the Winch. 

Now, let’s look at the other essential features of the Winch. It has a 45.9″ extreme long rope to take higher pressure while pulling the ATVs. And the water is a big enemy of metallic tools. But the Winch has water-resistant sealing to work as a shield against moisture, cold weather, and other things. It has an easy operating corded remote to control the Winch effectively by pressing some buttons.

Best kfi winch 2500

Technical features

  • Used durable cast aluminum material.
  • Water-resistance seal.
  • 1.2 horsepower motor.
  • 3/16″ diameter cable.


  • Brand – KFI.
  • Model – 500.4603.
  • Weight – 24lbs.
  • Pulling capacity – 2500lbs.
  • Dimensions (L*D*H) (16″*12.5″*7″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

As the winch can pull 2500 lbs, so you can choose it for your lightweight and mid weight vehicle. 

  • Excellent mounting plate and hardware.
  • Worth your investment.
  • Suits for most ATV model.
  • Easy installation.
  • One year warranty.
  • Description needs improvement.

What to look at before picking a perfect winch for your ATV or UTV? An exact buying guide

When there is lying your safety, you must take the Winch that best suits your vehicle. The more information you know about the Winch, the less you will confuse by showing products and their ads. So, it is high time to discuss some important features about Winch to shortcut your buying decision. 

Winch loading capacity

It is the first feature you have to consider while buying a winch. In simple words, the loading capacity is how much weight the Winch can load at once to pull your car. 

You can easily count the Winch’s load taking capacity for your car. For this, you have to do simple math. First, know your vehicle’s weight, multiply the number by 1.5, and get the minimum load taking capacity of your Winch. The more your Winch can handle the load, the better for your automobile. 

The mathematical calculation

Winch Capacity>Gross automobile weight ×1.5= Winch capacity.

As simple as it is!

Winch’s battery types

All the winches are divided into 2 kinds of battery forms; hydraulic battery and electric battery. These two types of battery-the electric battery are more convenient than the hydraulic battery. 


Because the electric battery will get power from the automobile’s electric connection, you don’t have to think about this battery’s power source when needed. You can install it quickly and operate by pressing the on/off buttons of a remote. 

The hydraulic battery will get power from your vehicle’s steering pump. But on a positive note, you can use the hydraulic Winch for a more extended period and underwater and mud. 

Types of cable or rope

There are two kinds of cables available in KFI UTV winches. One is a steel cable, and another is a synthetic cable. Now, you have to decide which rope will be accurate for you. Here, we can help you by providing you some valuable information about it. 

Synthetic cables are very durable, strong, flexible, easy to use, and have higher pulling capability. But at the same time, it is a little bit expensive. The steel cables are heavyweight, easier maintenance, and last a more extended period. If you plan to use the Winch at the higher abrasive terrains, then steel cable will be the perfect choice for you. Two slight drawbacks of a steel cable are corroded and sometimes easily break. 

Winch’s motor types

Earlier, we talked about Winch’s battery types. Now we talk about the kinds of motors. Electrical batteries have two kinds of motors; one is a permanent magnet motor and another is a series wound motor. Series-wound motors have field coils in their battery to produce the magnetic field. You can choose this motor if you use it at a low temperature. But it is a little expensive.

The magnet motor is perfect for your lightweight to medium-weight vehicle. If you use the magnet motor in your car, you can count the vehicle’s winching load and time. This type of engine will fit your budget. If you like to get a magnetic motor, then you can choose the kfi stealth 5000 because it has a permanent magnet motor. 

Cable length

Another must-have looking feature is cable length. Never select too short or too long cable because both make hassle while operating the Winch to pull the car. But, yes, you have to choose the cable length according to your vehicle’s types, the terrain types, and the distance you want to cover. Still, most of the winches have approximately 80 fits to 100 fits cable. This cable’s length is not wrong for a UTV or ATV. 

Winching controlling system

Remote control winches will be more convenient to you than manual controlling winches. Even when you choose a remote control winch, you have to pick one between the corded remote and cordless remote. Logically, a cordless remote control is better than a corded remote. The 3rd pick of our list, the kfi SE35, has both corded and cordless remote, so you can operate it however you wish. 

Waterproof or water resistance

As you drive your car under the open sky, the winches have to perform on the open field most of the time. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure long-lasting performance, waterproof winches will best fit you. The kfi A2500 has a water-resistant seal to protect your vehicle. Before selecting any other winch, have a look at this. We are pretty sure this won’t be wrong for you.


Warranty isn’t a big deal, but it matters! If you get a guarantee from the manufacturer, you have the certainty to replace the Winch. So a warranty worth your investment. But you can’t expect a high level of warranty by purchasing a cheap winch. You have to spend some more bucks from your wallet to get some years of the contract. Four of the winches have one year warranty out of our listed six winches. If you want your investment security, go with one of four winches. 

Some useful tips

Here are some tips for you to use your Winch safely, accurately, and precisely. 

  • Before using the Winch don’t forget to wear safety hand gloves to protect your fingers.
  • You have to use short winch surges to keep your motor cool.
  • When you set most of the winch cables, they look V-shaped. So to ensure your and others’ safety keep all the people and animals away from the Winch’s cable spot.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist you in making your buying decision

Without writing too many words, let’s have a look at the three crucial FAQs about KFI winches

Are KFI winches any good?

If you like to get a one-word answer, yes, the KFI UTV winches are suitable for any kind of vehicle. Because all KFI winches are made from heavyweight materials, have enough loading capacity, and enough cables to remove your vehicle from a stuck.

Where are KFI winches made?

The full name of KFI is Kappers Fabricating Inc., and they operate their business in the USA. The KFI has its company in Spring Valley, and there they make, assemble, and package the winches.  Then they distribute the winches all over the world. The company area is 18000 square fits. 

Are KFI winches waterproof?

Some models of  KFI winches are waterproof, and some are not. One of the mentionable waterproof KFI winches is Stealth 3500 winch. 

Warping up

It’s not as simple and easy to identify the right Winch for your ATV or UTV. You have to make your decision wisely to select the perfect Winch which can escape from a stuck situation. 

You have read our guide of KFI winch reviews by spending 5 minutes of your valuable time. You trust us to select your Winch, and we are always dedicated to keeping the dignity of your faith. 

We can say you won’t disappoint if you pick one from the list. But, yes, take some time, understand your needs, consider your vehicle’s weight, and then choose the Winch.

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