JB Weld Epoxy Review (Best Steel Reinforced Epoxy & Plastic Repair Kit)

The industry of adhesive and glues is very wide and massive. Moreover, there’s every type of glue, which makes it even more confusing for the consumers. But no matter how massive the market is for durable and robust bonds, nothing can compete with epoxy.   

You can find any epoxy, for example, all-purpose epoxy, wood epoxy, acrylic epoxy, and whatnot. But the one brand that always outshines other brands is JB weld epoxy. At this moment, you may ask what’s the specialty of JB weld. 

That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about the JB weld epoxy review so that you don’t need to research more regarding this topic. So stay with us till the end to find out every fact about JB weld epoxy.

The 5 Best JB Weld Epoxy

Image Proudtc NamePrice
jb weld epoxy review J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy – 2 ozCheck Price On Amazon
J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair KitCheck Price On Amazon
J-B Weld 50112 ClearWeld 5 Minute Set Epoxy Syringe J-B Weld 50112 ClearWeld 5 Minute Set Epoxy Syringe – Clear – 25 mlCheck Price On Amazon
J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy – Dark Grey 2 ozCheck Price On Amazon
J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Stick J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Stick – 2 ozCheck Price On Amazon

Quick Overview

JB Weld is a two-part epoxy resin with steel reinforcement that cures to produce a durable bond. It’s one of the greatest methods for repairing the metal, but it also works on plastic and wood.

The glue adheres to most surfaces, producing an exceptionally strong and permanent metallic connection that can endure high pressure and intense heat, making it ideal for automobile repairs, including engine repairs.

Is JB Weld Epoxy Worth It?

There’s no doubt that JB weld epoxy is worth it. As it’s a temperature and cold-resistant product, you can use it on almost every surface. 

And this epoxy is used in every automotive repair only because the product is durable, robust, and produces a permanent bond.

JB weld has a wide range of products that can create bonds to any surface and metals. Here are some of the recommended JB weld epoxy products:

1. J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy – 2 oz

J-B Weld is a well-known maker of high-quality epoxies, so it’s no surprise that the J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy outshines among other liquid epoxies. This is an amazing product and very adaptable, dependable, and simple to use.

Notably, the J-B Weld 8265 is used on various materials and is a perfect adhesive for wood, metal, plastic, PVC, concrete, and fibreglass. This enables the device to be utilized for multiple tasks, including large and small DIY projects related to household, automobile, marine, or craft repair.

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Furthermore, through some J-B Weld epoxy reviews, it’s clear that this product is trustworthy and robust. It has a strong tensile strength and can resist temperatures as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Not to mention that it’s waterproof and resistant to petroleum, chemicals, and acids once fully cured.

JB weld epoxy review

Highlighted Features:

Easy to Use

You can take a lot of time applying the JB weld epoxy as the hardener doesn’t start to harden immediately after blending. Thus, it makes the product easy to apply and less messy.

Resist High Temperature

One of the amazing features of J-B weld epoxy can resist highly high temperatures. J-B Weld can withstand high temperatures of up to 550oF (287 oC).

Some J-B Weld high heat epoxy reviews claim suitable for outdoor and indoor usage, even in the winter.

Quick Setting Time

No wonder J-B weld epoxy has a swift setting time. It’ll set in 6 to 8 hours, and approximately 20 to 24 hours, the epoxy will dry out completely.

Strong Bonding

J-B weld is also known as a super glue that can make a permanent bond. The reason is once it dries out completely, you can’t remove it, or if you want to do so, you have to drill the glue cause the glue is capable of creating a permanent bond.


J-B weld epoxy is one of the best durable epoxies out there cause once it’s cured, you can’t break it. Even more, it extremely withstands to temperature and is waterproof. Moreover, petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, and solvent like acetone won’t degrade J-B weld epoxy.


  • Can get plenty of time to apply
  • Like wood glue, once cured, you can paint or drill the surfac
  • Very little cure time
  • Highly resistant to temperature and water
  • Lasts long if the tube is closed properly


  • Not suitable for flexible materials.

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2. J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit

Searching for a correct repair tool for plastics? The best option is nothing but the JB weld 2120 radiator and plastic repair kit. Manufacturers designed this kit is primarily for radiator repairs.

The plastic repair kit includes additional equipment like a brush, sandpaper, and fiberglass cloth. This is all packaged into a compact container that you may carry in your car in an emergency. So, you’re always prepared to repair a hole or fracture as there’s no need to buy additional tools.

Unlike other radiator repairs, you don’t need to get your hands dirty cause it has a pouch in which you can mix the putty. 

Moreover, this adhesive paste has high heat and cold resistance, which will come in handy in many cases. Moreover, this epoxy putty can be used for the fuel tank and compressor tank.

 J-B Weld 2120 Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit

Highlighted Features 

Easy to use

The most impressive factor of the JB weld 2120 radiator is the mixing process. You can mix the epoxy putty inside the bag and by simply bursting the centre seam. Moreover, the plus point is your hand won’t even get dirty.

Fast sealing

This is undoubtedly the best adhesive for plastics, with impressive sealant capabilities. Moreover, the JB weld 2120 radiator needs a few minute set time, making it even more simple and effective.

Water Resistant

JB weld 2120 repair kit is waterproof; hence it’s best for the liquid tanks. Even if this putty is underwater 24/7, it’ll remain the same.

Resistance to Heat

Due to its incredible additional strength, it can resist extremely high temperatures.


  • Won’t flake even if submerged 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Can repair 3/8-inch diameter holes and 4-inch cracks.
  • All extra tools are provided.
  • Can combine the epoxy putty inside the bag.


  • A bit expensive.

How To Use JB Weld Epoxy

Even though JB weld epoxy is easy to use, but there’re some important steps. If you follow those steps, the bonding process will be a lot easier. Take a look here to know those steps.

1. Preparing the Surface

If the surface is oily or greasy, first of all, clean the surface properly. So before application, remove any paint dust on the surface, and to do so, you can use grit sandpaper or a grinding tool. However, for the non-metallic surface, only sandpaper will be enough.

2. Mixing the parts in the ratio of 1:1

You’ll find one white and black tubes. To mix the paste, open the tubes on a disposable surface. Then mix both the tubes until the mixture turns into a uniform grey colour.

3. Applying the epoxy

After mixing the two colours, it’s time to apply the mixture to the surface you want to repair. Now bear one thing in mind: you have only 10 to 15 minutes to apply the mixture cause after that, it’ll become a little tacky. 

That’s why make sure you put the mixture in the right place properly cause once cured; it’s tough to remove the epoxy.

4. Give enough time to cure the bond

In 6 to 8 hours, the JB weld becomes dry enough to handle. But the manufacturer suggests waiting at least 24 hours before putting any repaired object back into normal use to allow the bond to cure fully.

5. Safety Data Sheet

JB Weld Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Read more


1. What will J-B Weld not stick to?

JB weld steel epoxy has an amazing bonding agent that can create bonds with most common materials, including plastics, stainless steel, wood, and many others. But if the surface is wet or submerged with water, then the epoxy won’t stick to it.

2. Does J-B Weld actually work?

We all know that material like wood is a fairly easy substrate for adhesives to bond to. But the JB weld epoxy is the exceptional one cause it works on almost every material. Moreover, it can create a bond to metal, ceramics, wood, and other rigid plastics. 

3. Is J-B Weld strong as a real weld?

Well, JB weld has amazing sealant capabilities, which makes it very strong, and that’s why it can be used to cast small parts. However, no matter how much tensile strength the epoxy has, it’s not strong as a real weld. But you can use it as an adhesive to bond to.

4. Can I use JB Weld for Gas Tank Repairs?

J-B weld product has a wide variety that even includes a gas tank repair kit. The kit consists of a tube of epoxy putty, an applicator, sandpaper, and cloth of fibreglass.

5. Is JB Weld Conductive? 

JB weld doesn’t conduct electricity cause it works as an insulator. But if you combined the epoxy with silver, then the epoxy became conductive.

6. Does JB Weld work on Copper?

JB Weld is an incredibly simple, convenient, and low-cost alternative to welding, soldering, and brazing. The adhesive will bond to almost any clean, dry surface, including iron, steel, Copper, etc.

7. How long does it take JB Weld epoxy to set?

At normal temperature, JB weld epoxy will take 4 to 6 hours to set. However, to be fully cured, it takes 15 to 24 hours.

8. What color is J-B Weld epoxy?

Initially, the epoxy has no significant color. But after 4-6 hours, when it starts drying out, the epoxy turns into a uniform grey color.

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To conclude, we can say that JB weld epoxy is an effective adhesive and works on different materials. Throughout this whole JB Weld Epoxy Review, you know that it’s an all-purpose epoxy with outstanding sealing capabilities. 

However, this epoxy is extremely tough and resistant to humidity, water, and the most common solvents. Moreover, the epoxy is so strong that it has a bonding agent that can create a hard bond overnight which isn’t easy to remove once completely dried. 

That’s why whenever you want to apply the product, make sure you’re 100% sure about this. Except for this one thing, you don’t need to worry about other things.

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