7 Best Champion Winch Review

You could be driving a heavy-duty truck or a powerful SUV, but if you ride through marshy wetlands or rocky mountainous areas, the chances are that you will find yourself stranded.

The tires of your vehicle may rupture, or they may get stuck in the mud or snow. Therefore, if you travel a lot across mixed terrains, carry a winch with you to stay on the safe side.

One of the most popular manufacturers of winches is Champion Power Equipment. And in that case, we bring you an incise Champion winch review and will let you know about the 7 best winches manufactured by this brand.

Let’s dive in to find out!


Champion 10,000-lb. Truck/SUV Winch Kit

Top Features

  • Robust, and sturdy motor.
  • Convenient remote control.
  • Hassle-free.

Champion Power Equipment 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Top Features

  • Complete set-up.
  • Reliable with 2 years warranty.
  • Great value for money.

1. Champion Power Equipment-100427

The use of winches while traveling is always a good idea, especially when your journey is long and the destination is a remote mountainous region. And this Champion 100427 is an ideal choice in that case. Why? Let’s evaluate;

These winches can withstand weights of 12000 lbs and run on a 12-volt powerful DC series motor.

Not only the load pulling capacity, but the line speed of these power winches is also out of this world—2.3 feet per minute (fpm) with a full-on load and 15.7 fpm when there is no load.

The speed mount used for installing, adjusting, and storing your winches includes a 2-inch hitch adapter.

Besides, the Champion winch parts also offer a hand-held and fast-connectivity remote-controlled spooling system that gifts a winching experience like never before.

The anodized hawse fairlead with a lightweight aluminum finish will make you look forward to using this machine because it promises a hassle-free dealing.

The hawse comes with a robust, 85-foot by 11/32″ synthetic rope that exerts a powerful yet smooth hauling force.

As the rope is synthetic, made of technologically advanced hi-breed polyethylene material. Therefore there are lesser chances of fraying or curling.

The synthetic ropes are also designed to store less kinetic energy in themselves than steel ropes. Therefore the user experiences a safe utility with Champion Power winches.

The synthetic ropes are also extremely wear-and-tear resistant, able to withstand pulling loads of 15000 lbs, and even if it breaks, it can be easily repaired.

The ropes also include stainless-steel thimbles and safeguarding sleeves, and it is guided to the fairlead via a 2.5″x8.8.8″ drum.

The component is also kickback and splinter-free and does not recoil like cheaper steel and float materials. When the machine is recoil-free, the user stays safe from accidents and fatal injuries.

Champion winch review

Technical features

  • 12000 lbs, 12DC motor.
  • Line speed 2.3fpm to 15.7 fpm.
  • Remote controlled spooling system.
  • Synthetic rope, 15000 lbs strength.
  • Handles: 3-way adjustable.
  • Gear reduction ratio 216:1.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model: 100427.
  • Weight: 95.9 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

They are powerful and efficient and all-in-one kits. Once you grab a kit from Champion, you no longer need to look anywhere else. They can be controlled from a distance via remote control.

 The most lucrative thing about these winches is the 85-foot long, galvanized synthetic rope that is much safer and more durable than their steel counterparts. Overall, they are a great buy.

  • Can pull powerful trucks and SUVs.
  • Easy-to-use while mounting and storage.
  • The rope does not recoil or break.
  • Highly safe and portable for the user.
  • Contains extra products.
  • The winches are not water-proof.
  • Cannot be used for hours at a stretch.

2. Champion 10,000-lb. Truck/SUV Winch Kit

 Winches are amazing machines that can be attached to the front of the rear of a car, truck or SUV, to pull them back on track lest they have slid off the road on a rainy day in a deserted mountainous region.

People who ride all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) must have a winch ready because they need it most frequently. Be it ATV riders, truck drivers, or heavy-duty SUV lovers, this Champion 10000 lb winch is always up to the mark.

These power winches can tackle pulling loads as high as 10,000 pounds, equipped with the robust motor of 3.6 horsepower equivalent to 12 volt DC series.

Besides, it comes with a Speed Mount of 2″ hitch adapter, easily-connectible hand-held remote-controlled feature, and not to forget, a 6-foot long lead cable as well.

The winch also comes fully equipped with a line speed of 15.7 fpm when there no load and almost 4 fpm at times of full load.

Now comes the hawse fairlead component—the fairlead comes with an 85-foot long aircraft cable, powered with a snatch block that can make angular pulls, making winching quite convenient, even for inexperienced drivers.

The aircraft cables are galvanized, of 3/8″ thickness, and are highly resistant to weather-aggressions of all sorts, wear and tear, extremes of temperatures.

As a result, you can drive them on the sand, or mud, or rocky surfaces, simply nothing happens to these robust cables.

The clutch comes with an auto-spooling mechanism that makes winching quite easy; compared to manual loading that is quite time-consuming and physically tiring.

The aircraft cables are guided through a 2.5″x8.8″ drum that makes the cables last longer, and the gear system has a three-stage planetary technology and an efficient braking facility.

The handles are three-way adjustable, standard for safeguarding your winch. Currently, Champion Power winches offer 2 years warranty with lifetime technical support.

So you would need to hurry to grab one of your choices and travel without fear in any weather.

Best champion 10000 lb winch review

Technical features

  • 10000 lbs, 12 DC motor.
  • Line speed 3.9 fpm to 15.7 fpm.
  • Remote controlled spooling system.
  • Gear reduction 216:1.
  • Synthetic 85-foot rope, aircraft cable.
  • Braking facility, snatch block.
  • Handles are 3-way adjustable.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment
  • Model : 11006
  • Weight : 1.15 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

10000lb power winches by Champion are compatible with a wide range of vehicles—trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and other smaller private cars.

 They are efficient, powerful, convenient, hassle-free, and reliable. They also have a good power output and work noiselessly.

  • Highly powerful and reliable.
  • The cables are resistant to any kind of weather.
  • The cables do not recoil or fray.
  • Works on remote-control, and lightweight.
  • The winch is quite easy to install and store.
  • The forward and reverse relays are all in the same housing.

3. Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb

When the going gets tough, winches come to the rescue. Gone are the days when winches were installed in cars and trucks manually because, in recent decades, electric and battery-powered winch machines have captivated the markets.

Consider the 4500 lbs winch machines by Champion Power Equipment Store—they run on a 12-volt DC series motor, additionally coming fully equipped with a gear reduction ratio of a whopping 180:1.

This 4500-lbs winch kit also contains a remote control and an antenna so that you can control the winch and the vehicle from 50 feet afar, thus saving you from potential hazards.

This Champion ATV/UTV winch can haul vehicles or obstructive objects weighing 3000-4000 lbs—call it a life-saver at times of emergencies, especially when you are stuck in remote, uninhabited places.

What else is included in the kit? There is a mounting channel, a handlebar switch, a roller fairlead, among other fringe products.

Be it an ATV, a boat, or a snowmobile, and these robust winch machines will not wince no matter how heavy the load is or how aggressive the terrain or weather is.

These winches also come with an automatic on/off feature that allows the remote to switch off by itself when it is not being used—this saves your batteries from draining out, thus lasting longer without you having to supervise it personally all the time.

The hauling ropes are specialized aircraft cables that are 38-foot long and 15/64″ thick, with a galvanized exterior.

Champion 4500 winch synthetic rope does not fray or tear in extreme situations—be it rain or sunshine, be it muddy or rocky terrain, the cables can withstand any hurdle that challenges it.

Best Champion 4500 winch synthetic rope

Technical features

  • 4500 lbs, 12 DC motor.
  • Line speed 4.6 fpm to 12.8 fpm.
  • Remote control + antennae.
  • Galvanized 38-foot rope, aircraft cable.
  • Snatch block, gear reduction 180:1
  • Mini-rocket handles, 3-way adjustable.
  • Planetary gear system, strong clutch.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model: 14560
  • Weight: 30.2 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

4500 lb winches by Champion are efficient, powerful, and is convenient. They work on remote controls and antenna making winching a safe experience.

 This kit also contains snatch blocks, strong clutches, and handlebars that all work together to protect your car from damage.

  • Wireless with a remote and an antenna reduces life hazards.
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Auto-off feature.
  • Incredibly powerful and durable.
  • Remote shuts off after every 2 minutes.

4. Champion 4000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Winches are not only used to haul or hoist cars and trucks from places they are not meant to be in, but they are also used in the water-transport industry, say to attach the anchor, lower or raise a sail, or mobilize the mast of a boat or ship.

Winches by Champion Power Equipment are some of the best machines around—consider the 4000 lb power winches, for example.

These robust winch machines run on magnet motors of 12 volts or 1.4 horsepower and have a highly impressive gear reduction ratio of 180:1, which reduces kickbacks and ensures smooth operations at times of need.

The kit comes complete with some additional products but that which are quite important—a roller hawse fairlead, a contactor wiring kit, and a mini handlebar switch, so that you do not have to run off to the tool shops looking for these complimentary gadgets and wasting your precious time.

Champion Power’s power winches can withstand hoisting and hauling forces ranging from as low as 2000lb to as high as 4000 lbs.

So you can count on them if your car gets stuck in a rocky mountainous zone or a muddy forest area in the middle of nowhere, and you have nowhere to go for help.

The winch comes equipped with galvanized and heavy-duty aircraft cables that are 49 feet long, and 7/32″ thick, and they are incredibly wear-and-tear resistant.

Be it a muddy or a rock-covered area, be it a stormy or an extremely hot climate, the galvanized cables of these winches will survive any level of aggression.

What is the speed of the hauling, you ask? These robust winches by Champion Power Equipment run at a speed of 12.8 fpm with zero loads and 3.3 fpm with a full load.

These winches are currently being offered with a 2-year warranty and lifetime benefit of technical support by experts.

Champion winch review

Technical features

  • 4000 lbs, 1.4 horsepower motor.
  • Line speed 3.3 fpm to 12.8 fpm.
  • Galvanized 49-foot rope, 4-way roller.
  • Aircraft cable, galvanized.
  • Gear reduction 180:1.
  • 3-stage planetary, auto-spooling clutch.
  • Mini rocker handlebar, clevis hook and strap.
  • Remote control from 13.80 feet.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model: 14001
  • Weight: 29.4 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Winches by Champion Power Equipment are some of the best machines around—and their 4000 lb power winches are no exception.

Champion Power Equipment is a world distributor of power winches, and their products have proven to be highly dependable and efficient in the decades that went by.

Most importantly, they are all-in-ones—roller fairlead, mounting channel, handlebars, contactors; all are included in one little box.

  • Highly convenient.
  • Quite efficient due to the impressive line speed.
  • Easy installation.
  • The ropes are tear-resistant and heavy-duty galvanized.
  • The winch is water-resistant, not water-proof.
  • An extra adapter plate might be necessary.

5. Champion Power Equipment-100428

What will happen if your SUV or truck wheels get stuck in a muddy, marshy area? You would need a winch machine at that very instant is a winch machine, you can then easily tie the winch’s cords to the front end or the rear end of your vehicle and simply pull it out.

Nowadays, battery-powered or electric winches are available that could even be remote-controlled, reducing risks of injuries from accidents.

Consider this Champion 100428, it works on a DC series motor of 1.4 horsepower and are highly efficient.

It functions at a line speed of 3.3 fpm at full load and 9.8 fpm at zero loads, which is great for smaller sized vehicles or to remove obstructive materials to clear out the driving pathway.

To make the winching experience even smoother, it comes in a complete kit that includes a free-spooling clutch and remote control that allows you to operate your machines from a distance of about 10 feet.

The story does not end here—the ropes are polyethylene-build, 50-foot long and synthetic, that promise zero kickbacks and a smooth function at times of emergencies. The ropes are highly flexible and lightweight, thanks to their synthetic build.

These ropes do not store a high amount of kinetic energy like steel does and can withstand the tests of time and aggression. No matter what the weather is or how unfriendly the environment becomes, the ropes stand strong and never give up.

The ropes also come with a thimble and a protective sleeve. The hawse fairlead that it is guided through has an anodized finish, further elongating the cables’ life and safeguarding both the cables and the user.

Best Champion ATV/UTV Winch

Technical features

  • 3500 lbs, 12V motor.
  • Line speed 3.3 fpm to 9.8 fpm.
  • Galvanized 50-foot rope, 3/16” thick.
  • Gear reduction 171:1, 3-stage planetary.
  • Auto-spooling clutch, mini rocker handlebar.
  • Clevis hook and handy strap.
  • Remote length is 10.3 feet.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model : 100428
  • Weight : 20.2 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Some of the best winches are manufactured by Champion Power Equipment—a trustworthy household name among travelers, adventurers, and winch-users around the world.

They are dependable, easy to start, works without making annoying noises. The synthetic ropes do not store a high amount of kinetic energy like steel does and can withstand the tests of time and aggression.

No matter what the weather is or how unfriendly the environment becomes, the ropes stand strong and never give up.

  • Highly powerful.
  • Pretty convenient.
  • Problem-free installation and use.
  • Efficient as the fpm speeds are impressive.
  • The kit may not include a cover.
  • The cable to the batteries may not be long enough.

6. Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Winches are a great tool to carry while traveling or transporting goods from the towns to remote suburbia because you never know when it starts snowing or raining heavily, and the wheels get stuck in the mud or snow.

Winches are quite popular among truck drivers and ATV users while being quite used by people who ride boats and ships.

Winches by Champion Power Equipment are one such powerful tool that is trustworthy, robust, and efficient—take Champion 3000 LB winch, for instance. They can pull weights up to 3000 lbs, and they run on DC motors of 1.3 horsepower.

It comes with everything necessary that you need for winching—a mounting channel for quick and easy installation, roller fairlead, and remote control.

The remote-control facility allows you to maneuver the machines from a safe distance of 10.3 feet, thus keeping yourself protected from any potential hazard.

The cables are quite sturdy, and it helps to haul or pull your vehicle away from the unstable region where it is stuck.

Also, the 46-foot cables are not ordinary, but they are aircraft cables, with a galvanized exterior of 3/16″ thickness, and they can withstand any kind of environment without wear-and-tear.

The drum and the fairlead the cables pass through are quite reliable and elongate the cables’ lives.

These winches’ pulling speed is quite impressive—4.3 fpm at full load and 8.9 fpm at zero loads. The winch is also lightweight and consists of a clevis hook and straps for higher-tier support.

champion 3000 lb atv winch reviews

Technical features

  • 3000 lbs, 1.4 horsepower.
  • Line speed 4.3 fpm to 8.9 fpm.
  • Galvanized 46-foot rope, aircraft cables.
  • Gear reduction 171:1, auto-spooling clutch.
  • Mini rocker handlebar, 3-stage planetary.
  • Clevis hook and handy strap.
  • Remote length is 10.3 feet.


  • Brand : Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model: 13004
  • Weight: 22.2 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Winches are quite popular among truck drivers and ATV users, at the same time being quite a in use by people who ride boats and ships.

3000lb winches by Champion Power gives a good work output, is dependable, easy to install and use, and works noiselessly.

They are also hassle-free, thanks to the long-lasting galvanized aircraft cables. They are conveniently owed to the remote controlling system.

  • Highly convenient, quite easy to install.
  • Compatible with a large range of vehicles.
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Highly durable, thanks to the heavy-duty aircraft cables.
  • The kit may vibrate while in use.

7. Champion Power Equipment-12003

While riding through rough terrains, there is a possibility that the wheels of your truck may get punctured in between the rocks or jammed in the mud.

You may need to tie your truck to a heavier object, like a tree, and tow it to a safer region in such situations in such situations. Winches may prove to be quite useful at times like these.

Champion Power Equipment manufactures some of the best brands of winches there ever existed. Even Champion 2000 lb winch is way more robust than its other competitor winches.

The 2000lbs power winches come in a complete kit containing mounting channels for easy installation, roller fairleads, and remote control.

The remote control included in the kit allows you to maneuver your car and the winch from a distance of 10.3 feet, which will protect you from any possible accident or injury.

These winches run on a 12V DC permanent magnet motor or 1.0 horsepower and take pride in its highly impressive line speed capacity of 3.3 fpm at full load and 10.5 fpm at zero loads.

The cables of these power winches are not ordinary ones, but heavy-duty, robust quality aircraft cables with a galvanized thickness of 5/32″ and are whopping 49-foot long cables.

The beauty of these galvanized cables is that they can withstand almost any type of weather and any kind of terrain, no matter how aggressive. They do not fray, and they do not wear-and-tear.

The cables are guided through 1.2″x2.9″ dimensional drums and a 4-way fairlead roller that further boosts the cables’ longevity.

 Champion winch review

Technical features

  • 2000 lbs, 12V DC motor.
  • Line speed 3.3 fpm to 10.5 fpm.
  • Galvanized 49-foot, aircraft cables.
  • Gear reduction 153:1, auto-spooling clutch.
  • Mini rocker handlebar, 3-stage planetary.
  • Clevis hook and handy strap.
  • Remote length is 10.3 feet.


  • Brand: Champion Power Equipment.
  • Model : 12003
  • Weight : 18.35 pounds.

Why Will You Like This Product?

While riding through rough terrains, there is a possibility that the wheels of your truck may get punctured in between the rocks or jammed in the mud. Winches may prove to be quite useful at times like these.

Champion 2000lb winches are powerful enough to tow small cars out from sticky situations. They have a great line speed, a reliable gear system with brakes, and strong aircraft cables, and the entire kit comes at an affordable price with warranties and tech support.

  • Quite easy to install using the mounting channel.
  • Compatible with a large range of vehicles.
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Easy to start and works noiselessly.
  • Highly durable because of the heavy-duty aircraft cables.
  • The kit may vibrate while in use.

Champion Winch Review Buying Guide

Power Source

 Surely, the era of using manual winches is long gone, and it would be close to impossible to winch an SUV out of snow using a manual one.

By having read the Champion electric winch reviews above, you must have understood that these days, the power source of most winches is batteries or any other electric power source.

Before you purchase a winch kit, make sure you know its battery specifications. Your vehicle runs on a starter battery—yes, there is an alternator, but it powers the lights and the radio while the engine is on.

Now, if you power your winch using the starter battery of your car, the chances are that you might get stuck in that precarious place and may have to leave the place without your vehicle.

Therefore, if you are a person who is adventurous and loves to travel, or who transports goods from the towns to the suburbs, then you should install a high-powered battery, like a marine battery or a deep cycle one, to your car.

These high-power batteries allow you to safely charge your winch, keeping your car up and running simultaneously.

Also, consider replacing your existing alternators with high-power ones because, in extreme cases, low-power alternators may overheat and damage due to charging gadgets like a winch that needs high voltages to function.


 The weight of your vehicle is not equivalent or proportional to the pulling power of the winch—if your SUV’s weight is 5000 lbs, it does not mean that the hauling power of your winch has to be 5000lbs as well.

The formula for calculating the winch hauling capacity is the weight of the vehicle times 1.5 (weightx1.5). That is to say, to safely pull out an SUV from the mud, you would need a winch with a capacity of 7500 or higher.

Remember that the pulling capacity does not stay persistent along the whole length of the winching process—it may deviate.

Note that a winch is the most efficient when only one layer of cable is on the drum, which means the highest efficiency is at the starting phases of winching.

With every new layer of cable on the drum, the speed diminishes, and the pulling deviates between, say, 7500lbs to 6000lbs.

People who travel a lot usually carry a 100-foot cable with themselves—too short or too long a cable will affect your winch’s efficiency by manifolds.

Spooling is a very important thing to note. Nowadays, winch kits come with free-spooling mechanisms that help prevent kickbacks and underpowering.

Build of cable

Two alternatives are the most powerful—steel and synthetic. Steel cables are highly durable and can be left out in the sun for hours and days without UV damage, but they are also extremely heavy.

As steel has rough edges, it may even cause fatal injuries if you do not wear thick gloves while handling it. Steel also rusts, which has made its popularity diminish in recent years.

The alternative is synthetic cables made of polyethylene or other materials, and it is much more lightweight and does not cut your hands.

Synthetic cables also do not store that much kinetic energy, and most importantly, do not rust or corrode over time.

However, they may damage when exposed to sunlight for days on end, and re-washing them after each use, is always a better idea.

Read more:


What safety precautions should I maintain while winching?

When the winching starts, keep your hands away from the drum of the winch, and needless to say, wear heavy-duty gloves since both steel or synthetic cables are quite sharp when they run rapidly.

Use winch line-dampeners in case the cable snaps and recoils. When the winch cable becomes taut, stay out of the way because that’s when snapping risk is the highest.

What are the different types of winches available?

Winches differ based on how they are powered—they could be electrical, battery-powered, or hydraulic.

Electrical and battery-powered winches get their power source from the batteries and alternators of the vehicle. Hydraulic pumps get their power from the steering pump of the vehicle.

Electrical winches are more powerful because they function more speedily, but they may also overheat. If winching may take a long time, say longer than 24 hours, then hydraulic winches may prove to be more useful.

What motors do winches run on?

Electric winches run on DC motors—permanent magnet or series-wound. Series-wound motors are best for cold weather and strenuous use. They generate a magnetic field to function and are quite expensive and powerful.

If you are looking for cheaper options, you should opt for permanent magnet types. They are great for a few hours of winching but are not highly tolerant of cold climates and overheat easily.

What gear options do I have?

Planetary gear, spun gear, and worm gear are the three popular options. The three-stage planetary gear is the most commonly used one, which is both lightweight and inexpensive.

They are moderate when it comes to amp draw and drivetrain friction resistance, and they have brake mechanisms. Spun gear is quite power-efficient. Worm gears are not as strong as their two counterparts.

How will I mount the winch to the rig?

Bumper mounts are quite easy to install and are high in versatility. Multi-mounts are a bit complex to install and low in durability. Winch bumpers have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Winches are power gadgets, and the ones designed and manufactured by Champion Power Equipment are always one step ahead. This article on Champion Winch Review focuses on the 7 best winches made by them.

Champion winches come in different capacities ranging between 2000lbs to 12000 lbs. They are designed to withstand hail and storms, rough and wet terrains, cold or hot climates.

They are available in a wide price range, so choose the one that best fits your requirements, and gives the adventurous person in you, a whirl.

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