Make Your Off-Road Driving Exciting Exploring How to Use Winch without Remote!

We will show you the simplest way of how to use winch without remote. Besides, you’re going to be a winch mechanic right after going through our article today.  

However, people often think that s\he has to be an expert to use a winch properly. And, also some people find it mandatory to use a winch along with a controller.

But, we are firmly stating that you don’t need to be an expert. It is also entirely okay if you don’t want to use any remote or controller for the winch.  

Winch whatsoever! That is something you need while you are on the way to a destination in your car. So, let’s explore all the exciting things!

About Winch in Short

Having a winch will help you unstuck fallen trees or boulders. However, you can consider a winch as a mechanical device.  That is consisting of a rope rounding a drum.

A winch can help you remove peril off the road. If you move around an unusual area like hill type, you should carry a good quality winch as your travel hunt.

In short, you can consider a winch a hauling object that is made of different parts. Different parts of a winch mean- gear train, motor, cable wire, drum, etc.

Accordingly, that is all about winch, in short. 

Features of a Best Winch

Let’s check out the best features of a high-performed winch. 

  • Self-Tapping Arm
  • Large Diameter Roller
  • Stainless-Steel Ball Bearings
  • Easy Servicing Gear
  • Light-weight grade Drum
  • Power-Rib Generated Drum Surface
  • Multi-Sized Rope

The way How a Winch Works

Winch the mechanical device works to lift the heavy objects to unstuck your vehicle. It works by adjusting the tension of the rope. However, a winch works using its all parts together. And, all winches contain the same components or parts.  

Well! Before trying out how a winch works, make sure that you have worn proper eye and hand protection.

Now, let’s see how a winch works along with all its different parts-

  • Cable Wire

You have to make sure of a quality winch cable. It is because the cable wire is the first promise to make your winching works succeed. The cable wire helps to pull out your vehicle while stuck.

  • Drum

A drum of a winch keeps spinning while you are winching. You will find the drum wrapped by a wire cable.

  • Motor

If you have to have your winch-engine running well, you have to consider a good quality motor while buying your winch. Motor is the heart of a winch that controls your whole winching operation. So, you might understand the significance of this.

  • Gear Train

A gear train, on the other hand, works as a power supplier of a winch. 

Hence, winch keeps working on completing your winch project with the combination of four of those parts. 

The Way How a Winch Controller Works

Now you might have a question like how does a winch controller work? Well, a winch controller gets connected to the solid. And it controls what direction you are asking to run.  It took position between the gearbox and the motor to maximize the control out of the winch motor.

A winch controller helps your winch solenoid power up the winch motor to turn the wind in and wind out. This is how a winch controller works.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Winch

When you are driving a car, truck, or some other type of vehicle, it can be stuck anywhere on your way. It never can make you confirm that your vehicle will not be stuck.  So, we suggest you have a good-workable winch to overcome such a situation.

Here are three more specific reasons why you should keep a winch with you. These three reasons are- 

  • Going somewhere alone where you cannot get help.
  • Reaching out the hazardous terrain.
  • Going out of hardcore

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How to Use Winch without Remote Step-by-Step Guide

Our following step-to-step guide will help you to use winch even without any remote. All you have to do is to maintain some procedures to go for winching without a remote. So, let’s see what these procedures are- 

1.Using a Smooth Winch Cable

A smooth winch-cable is the first condition to use a winch without a remote.We recommend you check out the wire before going for your winching task. We mean you must confirm whether the rope or wire is fit for winching.  

Ensure there’s no leaking point on your wire cable.  Now, pull the vehicle gently on a secure anchor point.

2. Choosing a Straight-Line Anchor Point

It is now time to choose a suitable anchor-point. The anchor point should be straight where you can make your pull with high power. Hooking is a dreadfully important thing while thinking about winching without a controller.

3. Choosing a Lower place to Hook

However, we would like to ask you now to hook your cable at a lower place. It will then help you produce a handy force of winching.

4. Be Aware of Cable Tangling

In this stage of winching you have to be careful while placing the rope at anchor position. You aren’t supposed to let the rope be tangled while putting it for anchoring. Twisting can be a cause of leaking anywhere on the rope. So, be careful! 

5. Use of Backup

You now need to keep a backup to avoid cable breaking problems. In this case, you can choose something weighty like a bundle of clothes. 

But, don’t forget to remove that clothing backup right before entering the cable in the roller. 

6. Cabling Tensioning

Now you have to make enough tension to the winching cable to smooth winching onto the drum. Now, it’s time to achieve pressure on the rope slowly. And, you have to do it before pulling the wire.

7. Winching with No Remote

This is now the most crucial point where you are. Hardwire the switch using three wires to your solenoid pack. Now remove the solenoid pack’s cover and identify the cable to control the winch without a remote.

However, if you are a first-time tester, it might seem a bit tough. But we guarantee you that, once you will do it, you will be a forever expert.

8. Testing

You are almost done. But before turning it done, you have a few more things to make sure. 

  • Test the solenoid whether it is working to activate your winch motor
  • Check out again whether the cable is fit yet.
  • Check out whether the winching place is risk-free for all living things, including human beings.

Now, begin your winching from inside the vehicle as you aren’t using any controller. Make your go as slow as possible. It is now the perfect timing to start winching. Keep winching until the vehicle begins to move. That’s all! 


Using a winch with a remote is far easier than without a remote. But, what if you don’t have a remote to winch? Does it mean you aren’t going to winch your vehicle? 

Well! We hope you have already observed all our shared techniques on “how to use winch without remote.” So, you now know how to use your winch if you lose your remote. And, you shouldn’t be worried anymore!  

In the end, we want to assure you that if you can use a winch without a remote, it means you are recovering yourself. 

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