Best Winch Hooks Reviews

If you are a frequent traveler, then a winch hook is one of the accessories vital to keep in the traveling bag. This small piece of hook saves you from many troubles during your journeys.

Therefore, picking the best hooks that will keep the winch tight and secure in its place while using it. You need to consider quite a few factors for choosing winch hooks, such as their strength, ease of use, durability, etc.

To help you purchase a perfect winch hook for your adventurous journeys, I will review six of the best winch hooks in the market. My review will be quite handy to help novice buyers of winch hooks too.

Comprehensive 6 Best Winch Hooks Reviews

1. WARN 92090 Epic 3/8″ Steel Winch Hook

WARN 92090 Epic 3/8

The Warn steel winch hook is a combination of strength and compactness. This hook is built from a high-quality and potent steel forge with a pulling capacity of 12,000 pounds!

Though it looks tiny, it’s hard to find a versatile winch hook like this one. You are getting a built-in beverage bottle opener. WARN knows how to give you a break of cold drinks in between the hard work! Just energize yourself with a bottle of coke in-between!

If you look at the hook, it is powdered with a protective layer to prevent external damages, such as abrasion and corrosion. Hence, you can highly rely on its long time use without replacement. The hook itself feels a bit heavy that makes it feel premium and sturdy.

Due to its compact body, you can just keep it inside your pocket and get started with the journey. Though the price of the hook may discourage you, you are getting way more than you will pay for. You can distribute its cost over many upcoming years and see how affordable it is!  

Key Features

  • Steel-forged body construction.
  • Powder coating outside.
  • Weight pulling capacity of 12,000 pounds.
  • CE rated.
  • Built-in beverage bottle opener.


Brand          : WARN.

Weight        : 2.86 pounds.

Dimension: 10.75 x 5.25 x 2 inches.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Can be used to open beverage bottles too.
  • Has high weight pulling capacity.
  • Abrasion-proof.
  • Compact and portable to carry.


  • A bit expensive.

Why will I like this product?

I suggest you pick this high-quality winch hook that will last you for many years. It has commendable weight pulling capacity. Nonetheless, the built-in beverage opener is an excellent touch of creativity.  

2. Driver Recovery 1/4″ Clevis Slip Hook

Driver Recovery 1/4

The very first winch hook that I have selected is sure to blow your mind off. This premium-quality hook is made from grade 70 high-tensile steel that leaves no doubt about its strength and durability.

The beautiful silver finish gives off a fresh aesthetic to the hook. Not only does it look good, but it is self-protective from damage and rust due to external harshness. You can stay worry-free for years with this hook as it proves to be corrosion-resistance.

The best part about this hook is it has a spring-loaded latch to provide high level of secure winch attachment.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend much time working with this piece of equipment due to its quick and simple usability. You can ace using it just out of the box.

Key Features

  • Grade 70 high-tensile steel.
  • 3/8 inches diameter Clevis pin.
  • 5/8″Hook opening measurement.  
  • Silver coating.
  • Spring loaded latch.


Brand          :  Driver Recovery Products.

Weight        : 9.6 ounces.

Dimension   : 4.6 x 3.3 x 1 inches.


  • Corrosion and rust-proof.
  • Highly durable and strong.
  • Compatible with most ATVs.
  • Easy to hook winch.
  • Clean finish.


  • Unsure of weight-bearing capacity.

Why will you like this product?

I highly recommend this winch hook because it is extremely well-built with high-tensile and galvanized steel. If you are an amateur, this hook’s easy to use mechanism is quite smart to get started off with.

3. KFI Products (ATV-Hook Winch Cable Hook)

KFI Products (ATV-Hook Winch Cable Hook)

Want to explore a budget-friendly yet quality winch hook out there? Then I have KFI Winch Hook for you. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their extraordinary quality with a quite reasonable price tag.

This hook weighs only 3.2 ounces, so you can imagine how lightweight it is. So, you can use it with ultimate ease and comfort. The simple and classy black outlook will contrast with any of your vehicles.

The hook is versatile and is compatible with any kind of winches. Keeping its capacity in mind, you need to provide that much bearable weight. I can say, this hook is safe to use as long as not excessive load is lifted by this.

Although the weight is quite less, the hook is quite sturdy. It is not like those cheap and fragile hooks. You get a bonus abrasion and rust resistance on this hook at such an affordable price.  

Key Features

  • Compatible with ATVs and Cables.
  • Contrasts with every vehicle.
  • Clevis included.
  • Stores kinetic energy.
  • Zinc plated.


Brand           : KFI products.

Weight          : 3.2 ounces.

Dimension    : 2.5 x 0.75 x 4 inches.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Lightweight and easy to manage.
  • Goes with every kind of winch.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Abrasion-proof for longtime usage.


  • Not suitable for pulling heavyweights.

Why will I like this product?

It is one of the most budget-friendly, sturdy yet easy to manage winch hooks in the market. It will highly contrast with any type of vehicle and make it look classy instantly.

4. Factor 55 ULTRAHOOK Winch Hook

Factor 55 ULTRAHOOK Winch Hook

If you are looking for a professional-quality winch hook, then get this heavy-duty and high-weight pulling capacity hook from Factor 55. This hook can pull off as much as 16,000 pounds effortlessly.

This amazing double-shear pin hook is compatible with both wired and synthetic cables, which makes it way more versatile. With its traditional hook opening, the hook is easy to maneuver.   

The construction of this hook is the heavyweight. Easy breakpoint gives it strength and makes it lightweight at the same time. There is AN EPDM rubber layered on the surface for protection against moisture that can corrode the aluminum away.

It is a great value hook for your money. The hook’s shackle mount has a separate 48,000 pounds load capacity and the opening mouth has 31,000 pounds capacity. Overall, it is a strong and reliable winch hook for high-tech professional use.

Key Features

  • 16,000 pounds max pulling capacity.
  • 48,000 pounds shackle mount load capacity.
  • 31,000 pounds opening throat load capacity.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • EPDM rubber layered on the surface.


Brand         : Factor 55.

Weight        : 2.2 pounds.

Dimension  : 7.5 x 5 x 3 inches.


  • Has high weight pulling capacity.
  • Durable yet lightweight.
  • Has self-protective outer layer.
  • Versatile usage with all types of wires and cables.
  • Has reliable closure.


  • No major drawbacks.

Why will I like this product?

This product impresses me with its weight-pulling capacity and versatility with winches. Its durable yet lightweight aluminum construction along with protective rubber outing makes this hook even more desirable.

5. Ranger Half-Link Clevis Safety Latch Swivel Winch Hook

Ranger Half-Link Clevis Safety Latch Swivel Winch Hook

The fifth amazing winch hook from my list is the Ranger Clevis Safety Latch Winch Hook. The very vibrant-looking winch hook can pull a massive 28,000 pounds of weight effortlessly. Hence, you know how longer tensile and potent this hook is.

To be specific, this hook is made from forged steel that makes it quite heavy-duty and longest lasting. Moreover, the outer shell is powder-coated which makes the hook self-protective of corrosion and abrasion.

The bright and vibrant red color of the hook will not only add life to your vehicle, but it has a purpose too. This vibrancy is meant to make it easily visible in low-light conditions.

Nonetheless, the quality of this hook is unmatched! The safety lock and reliability it provides are commendable too. There is no doubt that anyone will be highly satisfied with a winch hook from Ranger.     

Key Features

  • 28,000 pounds weight-bearing capacity.
  • Made from forged steel.
  • Outside is powder-coated.
  • Breakpoint   safety factor is 4:1.
  • 4×4 application.


Brand          : RANGER ULTRANGER.

Weight  : 2.29 pounds.

Dimension : 7 x 2 x 5 inches.


  • Highly durable and tensile
  • Offers great safety lock
  • Has massive weight pulling capacity
  • Corrosion and abrasion-resistant breakpoint
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting


  • This hook is a bit heavy for light pulling purposes.

Why will I like this product?

I like this product due to its creative construction with vibrant red color that makes it noticeable in low lighting. Not every manufacturer thinks like this. Moreover, the heavy-duty construction is impressive too.

6. Smittybilt 99018 Delta Series – Delta Hook

Smittybilt 99018 Delta Series - Delta Hook

Last but not least, the best winch hook review I have is the Smittybilt winch hook. It has a noteworthy 18,000 pounds weight lifting capacity that makes it suitable for professional towing businesses.

Moreover, the hook is constructed with 80-grade high-tensile steel that leaves no chance of replacement in years to come.

Additionally, the hook has a powder coat exterior that makes it protective from moisture and sir. So, no rust and abrasion will be seen in its lifetime.

The eye of this hook is quite big that allows hand pulling of the winch too. Also, the spring-assisted clevis clip ensures an easy and reliable fit of the winch. The hook ideally weighs 4 pounds, so you can imagine how premium its quality is.

You can fit any type of rope, cable quite easily as the longer the breakpoint and wire in this winch hook is made with universal fitment. So, if your business is with heavy loads, you can well trust this hook for your job done.

Key Features

  • 18,000 pounds weight lifting capacity.
  • Constructed with 80-grade steel.
  • Universal fitment for winches.
  • Powder coat exterior.
  • Spring assisted clevis.


Brand           : Smittybilt.

Weight         : 4 pounds.

Dimension    : 10.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches.


  • Easy to use.
  • Gives a secure fit.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistance.
  • Allows hand-held pulling.
  • Heavy-duty and durable.
  • Has notable weight pulling capacity.


  • No major drawbacks.

Why will I like this product?

This hook has all the cool and useful features to make weight pulling a breeze. Its construction material and massive weight pulling capacity are its best parts, which impresses me about it.

A Thorough Buying Guide on Best Winch Hooks

What if you buy a winch hook and it didn’t serve your purpose? Obviously, you will feel you have wasted your money. Thinking about your hard-earned money, I have summed up an informative buying guide for winch hooks.

Due to its size, a winch hook can look like a negligible accessory that doesn’t require much research to buy. But, that’s not the case as it needs the same amount of research as buying a truck!

Since there are myriads of winch hooks available in the market, it can be daunting to find the right one according to your need. Therefore, to find the right hook read our comprehensive buying guide for the best winch hooks and make it easier for you to pick the right one.   


Durability is the priority of any accessory you buy. No one wants to buy a fragile and cheap-quality product with money that needs replacement within a few days or months. Therefore, you should look for a durable winch hook.

Of course, durability is 90% dependent on the material it is made from. Go for the ones that are made from high-tensile steel or aluminum. If the tensile is low, then the hook will bend soon. Since hooks are meant for hardcore pulling, so do no choose plastics hooks at any cost.

Weight Pulling Capacity

As I mentioned, durability depends 90% on the material of the hook, the rest 10% depends on how you handle it. By this I mean, you need to ensure whether the hook’s weight pulling capacity matches with your requirements or not.

If you buy a lower weight capacity hook than required, then it won’t last you for a long time no matter how durable it is. On the other hand, if you buy a higher pulling capacity, there won’t be any harm except for the fact that it will cost you a bit more.

Ease of Use

An easy-to-use winch hook will save you time and also from emergencies. How? Suppose, your vehicle caught fire and you need to immediately transfer to somewhere, then with the easy-going hook, you can pin the winch in no time.

However, if the hook has complicated maneuvering, it will cost you more time. Although choosing ease is a personal preference. If you are inexperienced at handling hooks, then definitely go for the easy-to-use winch hooks.

Damage Tackling Ability

The winch hooks are being constantly exposed to external atrocities. For this, they are prone to get damaged or catch abrasion soon. Especially materials like steel and aluminum that damage soon due to moisture and air exposure.

Therefore, you must look at whether the hook you are purchasing has damage tackling ability or not. Apart from being durable, the hook must have this feature to last long.

Or else, corrosion and rust will deteriorate their mechanism. As a result, you have to get rid of them and buy a new one.


Compatibility varies from hooks to hooks. Not all of them are versatile with ropes and cables. Therefore, while you are choosing hooks make sure you notice whether the hook is compatible with your requirements or not.

Also, there are some multipurpose hooks available too, which are a bit costly. If you want to invest in such a winch hook, you will be the winner.

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Do you need a winch hook?

If you are using winch cables, chains, or wires for any purpose, then you definitely need a winch hook to fasten them. Winch hooks provide a more reliable grip on the wires.

What is a winch hook?

A winch hook is a 3/8 slip hook that is used to fasten winch wires to pull a specific weight. Weight pulling capacity varies in every winch hook.

How do you secure a winch hook?

You secure the winch hook against the fairlead from where you pull the winch.

What type of hook comes with your winch?

Most of the winch hooks are designed with a clevis slip hook of 3/8 inches to work with chains and winches.

Are All Winch Hooks the Same?

No, all winch hooks are not the same. They vary in materials, weight pulling capacity, weight, and a lot of other features.

Final Words..

We are at the end of the in-depth reviews of the best winch hooks and I hope it was helpful enough for you. If the multiple options of winch hooks were confusing to you, then this review should definitely help you to choose your desired hook.

If you are a newbie or someone who was never satisfied with their winch hooks, then do follow my buying guide. It will be extremely helpful for you to make the right hook purchase decision.

Please leaver your thoughts in the comment section below and feel free to ask for any clarification you have in choosing the right hook.

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