125cc ATV top speed

Since you’re here searching to know 125cc atv top speed, you must be aware of what an ATV is. For the people who are new to this, an ATV is a short form for an all-terrain vehicle. All-terrain means all types of ground which give an ATV a wider territory.

The 125cc ATV is basically for the youth. It is a safe option for beginner riders who are new to this and are eager to learn more about the handling of the vehicle as well the roads.

In the case of an ATV, top speed is referred to as the highest level of speed that the vehicle can reach while riding on a road. The top speed differs from bike to bike and it depends on a lot of things that include the types of material used as well the parts installed.

125cc ATV top speed

Top speed of a 125cc ATV

A 125cc ATV can reach up to 40 mph ideally. You can take it down to 10 mph and in some cases as low as 5 mph or you can push the throttle all the way towards 40 mph.

Ways of deciding which engine size to go for?

Engine size is defined by the amount of cc mentioned along with the name and type of each ATV. So ‘cc’ is basically ‘cubic centimetres,’ and it notifies the cylinder’s volume. For example – say we are talking about 125cc ATV, which means the cylinder’s volume is 125 in cubic centimetres.

Depending on the capacity of the cylinder, you will be able to select the right ATV for you. Check the following list for better understanding.

  • Up to 70cc – these are used for kids aged 11 and under.
  • 70cc to 90cc – these can be used by kids ages between 12 and 15.
  • 125cc to 250cc – these are suitable for both beginner teens and adults.
  • The size of the cylinder can start from ad low as 50cc and go up to 700cc which is a sport four-wheeler. Three are also 800cc utility ATVs and 1000cc UTVs.

But keep in mind that height is also a big factor in choosing an ATV. The 125cc to 250cc category is most suitable for beginners who are new to riding in the wild and not that accustomed to bumpy or rocky roads. The most convenient ones for medium or expert adults range between 450cc to 700cc.

125cc ATV for your kids – is it safe?

If you’re looking for an ATV for your kid, you need not worry as you’re in the right place. On the list mentioned above, it is clear that engines ranging from lower to 90cc are ideal for kids. But to improve the performance of the ATV, different brands have put together their best efforts to come up with some amazing 125cc ATV designed especially for kids.

These are monitored by experts to make sure they are completely safe for kids to ride on. Each kid-friendly ATV comes with special features and additional safety measurements. If your kid loves nature and adventures, an ATV can give his soul the best taste of nature and freedom while the control still being in your hands.

If you conduct thorough research, you’d be able to find the right one for your kid. Few things that could help is to make sure that you buy one with the speed limiter and that has both headlights and taillights installed as these are of great help.

125cc ATV for your kids - is it safe

Can adults use the 125cc ATV?

Yes, adults can use the 125cc ATV as well. But it is ideal for beginner adults. The comfort of an ATV depends both on weights and heights. For an adult rider, the best ATV will be in between 450cc to 700cc.


1. Can you increase the power output of your bike’s engine?

Yes, you can and you need to follow the procedure properly.

2. Is an ATV safe for the youth?

Youth ATVs are designed with a speed limiter installed in them so parents can take control of the speed and decide how fast an ATV can go.

3. Compare between an ATV  and a UTV?

ATV stands for an all-terrain vehicle while UTV stands for utility task vehicle. An ATV is also known as a quad and is only meant for single riders. A UTV allows side-by-side riding and is also called SXS.

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After all these discussions, one thing is certain that the performance of an ATV depends a lot on the features and the engine’s size. The 125cc ATV is best for youth or beginner adults. The top speed of this vehicle can reach up to 40 mph (ideally) or more if changes are made.

With a speed controller or regulator, you can control the speed. As ATVs are designed for riding on bumpy roads, it is suggested to focus more on performance rather than speed. You don’t need that much speed to ride on bumpy trails as safety and comfort are more important in this case.

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