Dinli ATV troubleshooting – ATV has spark and fuel but not starting

Several reasons can make your Dinli ATV face troubles and don’t start. If you are looking for the best dinli ATV troubleshooting techniques, then you have chosen the right article. This article is about troubleshooting all sorts of issues for which your ATV has spark and fuel but won’t start.

Sometimes the issues are quite simple, but we overlook them and check for serious problems. That’s why the troubleshooting remains unsuccessful. So, we decided to discuss even the simple issues that can cause trouble for your Dinli ATV. 

Dinli ATV Troubleshooting

Spending a day in the woods on your Dinli ATV is fantastic fun. But what if the ATV won’t start! It’s frustrating when you have planned to spend the day with it. 

Before troubleshooting, let me answer the most common question – where are dinli ATVs made? Dinli ATV and its parts are manufactured and supplied by China. Sometimes, due to some issues, your Chinese ATV cranks but won’t start. 

Now, let’s try to find out those issues and follow these tips for your dinli ATV troubleshooting: 

Start with checking the fuel

It may seem funny, but sometimes fuel levels don’t match with your expectations. Fuel Filter breaks, crack on plastic gas tanks, fuel lines, rot etc. can cause a fuel leak. So, it can happen that you had enough fuel in the tank, but now it’s empty due to leakage. Don’t overlook this issue and check out the fuel level if your dinli 90cc won’t start.

Check the battery for Chinese ATV 

Check the battery of your Chinese Dinli ATV whether it’s charged enough for the engine or not. The battery of maximum China ATVs commonly places under the seat. Generally, Dinli ATV batteries have 1 to 2 Amp trickle Chargers. The battery should be strong enough to operate the engine. Otherwise, it will crank. 

Check the cable connections and make sure that the Red (positive) and Black (negative) cables are tight enough.

If your ATV’s Power sport has an in-line fuse attached to the positive cable, you have to check whether it’s not broken visibly. The fuse has the outside cover made with glass so that you can see it. The fuse should snug appropriately in its holder, check and ensure that. 

You can use the battery tester to check your battery state. The result of the test will suggest whether it needs charging or replacement!

It would be help if you had a battery charger for your ATV, mostly when it sits for long periods. The battery sits when the ATV remains unused, so utilize the charger in that case. 

Problem: ATV has spark and fuel but not starting. 

Now let’s discuss the issue when you are confident that it has spark and fuel but won’t start. 

Let’s try to troubleshoot – why your ATV is not starting despite having fuel. 

After you have confirmed that the spark and fuel are enough, there are some other things that you have to check. It’s better to start with basic things and then moving towards the complex possibilities. We have made a potential checklist of the things that you need to check to solve the issue. 

Dinli ATV Troubleshooting

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Position of the Run Switch

“Run Switch” of ATV is also known as “Kill Switch.” Check the position of the Run Switch, whether it’s in the run or on position. If the position is not describe, then correct the position and try to start your ATV again. Maybe your ATV takes a startup right now! 

Neutral or In Park

Some Dinli ATV vehicles don’t start unless you put them in the right gear. This is due to the manufacturing feature of these vehicles. So, make sure that your ATV’s equipment is neutral or in the park. Confirm the correct gear, put the Run Switch in its proper position, and restart the ATV. Even if you didn’t do any actual work, but you may hit the trail! 

How old is the gas?

If you did not change the gas for a long time, it could cause the ATV not to start. If you are trying to start the ATV after a few months’ break, then the gas’s quality remaining in the tank may not be right. The ATV may get gas, but the quality of the fuel doesn’t match its need. 

You can change the fuel filter by yourself and add new gas if you are mechanically inclined! But if you are not enough confident to do this task yourself, you can take help from an expert mechanic to change the fuel filter and relieve you from old gas problems.

Enough Airflow

If you have already tried all the simple troubleshooting techniques but there is no output, it’s time to check the complex issues. 

One of the more significant issues that happen frequently is limited airflow. Run the combustion process properly, ATV’s engine needs enough airflow. So, if the engine is getting less airflow than it needs, the ATV can’t start. On the other hand, if the ATV’s exhaust doesn’t flow out properly, it can also cause problems. 

ATV is sitting for a long time

If you are going to start your ATV after a long sitting time, check the battery, quality of the gas, and air filter condition before starting. 

After every long time sitting, you should do some seasonal maintenance of it. For example, you are changing the oil, cleaning the carburetor, replacing the spark plugs, etc. 

Some experienced ATV users can fix the air filters problem and replace them by themselves. But in case of potential engine issues, it’s better to hire a mechanic to solve them. 

They will check all the dinli parts and find out the main issue, and there is no risk of damage to the other pieces while repairing. The mechanic will ensure that the ATV starts and runs properly when the troubleshooting is finish. That’s why we suggest you take help from them if the issue is more significant.

Problem: ATV Clicks when you try to start

This is another common problem that users face while starting ATV. There are two main reasons why the clicks occur- the battery or the solenoid. Recommended dinli ATV troubleshooting

Battery check

Most of the time, the clicking indicates the battery status. In this case, you have to do the following:

· Determine whether your battery is good or damaged by using a battery tester.

· If the tester indicates a low charge or bad battery, then charge your battery or replace it. 

· Check the battery connections and make sure that no wire is loose or corroded. 

· If you find any loose connection, make it tighten.

· If the connections are corroded, clean them by yourself or do mechanic servicing. 

Solenoid Problem

If there is no issue with the battery, then go for the second common reason of clicking. This is nothing other than the solenoid of your ATV. 

This solenoid is the relay between the ATV battery and its starter motor. The starter motor is responsible for the starting of the engine. If you get the clicking sound and found no issue with the battery, this solenoid may be responsible. But you have to take the help of a certified mechanic to check and repair the solenoid. 

Problem: Does it need a Push-start? 

If you are using a manual ATV, then you can try Push-start as a troubleshooting technique! For this, you have to roll the ATV at a moderate speed of 10 to 15mph, get on it and let the clutch out. If there is any engine turn sound, maybe you can give some gas to it and start it. 

However, the automatic ATVs don’t have any clutch, and so you can not apply this push-start process to them. It’s applicable only for the manual version of Dinli ATV. 

Dinli ATV Manuals

For troubleshooting the dinli ATV, you can also follow the manuals made by the company. You will get the dinli 502 manualsdinli dl601 manual, manual of dinli diablo 150ccdinli helix dl603, and dinli jp 502 parts manual from the link below: 

Dinli ATV Manuals

These parts manual will provide only references, and if you want to purchase the parts or need any assistance, you have to contact the local authorized Dinli Dealers. Some of the manual files are in PDF version to download, and you can view the others online.

Final words

We hope you have already found out the actual issue preventing your ATV from taking a start. These are all the necessary steps that Dinli users can perform. If you still couldn’t resolve the issue, take it to a well-trained mechanic to evaluate the problems and make it safe from future issues.

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