200cc ATV top speed ultimate guide

¬†ATV stands for an all-terrain vehicle. This vehicle is generally motorized and designed for off-highway use. Riding an ATV is a whole new and different experience so if you’re up for it, you should choose one wisely as there are a number of options when it comes to speed and sustainability.

ATVs are not supposed to be fast as these are designed for rocky, bumpy, and harsh roads. A 200cc ATV is perfect for new riders who are just learning. So let’s find out about the top speed of a 200cc four-wheeler.

How fast can a 200cc ATV go?

A 200cc ATV or four-wheeler can go up to 45 mph. As the manufacturers don’t include speed limits in their four-wheelers, these calculations are based on practical tests and it can vary from brand to brand as there a multiple brands always coming up with new features.

But ideally, a 200cc ATV can definitely reach up to 45 mph which is white impressive as you don’t need this much speed to ride on a bumpy.

The main goal of a good quality ATV is to run powerfully at lower speeds so you can take control of the bike well while riding on harsh roads. This is exactly why ATVs come with bigger engines compared to normal bikes.

There are three parts to an ATV –

1. A straddle seat.
2. Handlebar steering.
3. Maneuvering ability through different terrain conditions.

Size of an ATV

Size actually matters when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for you. The first thing you need to determine is the purpose you need it for. Next, you need to identify the person you are getting it for. It depends on the age of the person as well.
Take a look at the following age list depending on the engine’s (cylinder’s volume in cubic centimeters) size –

Kids aged 11 or less – 70cc it lower

Kids aged between 12 and 15 – 70cc to 90cc

Beginner teens and adults – 125cc to 250cc

Speed limiter and a top speed of an ATV

The concept of a speed limiter is nothing new. Many cars and bikes have speed limiters built in them. The same goes for a four-wheeler. You will find a lot of ATVs with speed limiter installed in them.

They do it for a reason. A four-wheeler is not supposed to run at higher speeds as these are used in bumpy roads where excessive speed can be more dangerous than we know. A speed limiter helps to limit the top speed of the ATV. It is generally set at a speed higher than the average one that you may need while riding so might not even realize it.

There are two types of speed limiters – mechanical or electronic. A four-wheeler can have either one or both.


1. Does all ATVs come with a speed limiter?

No, not all ATV comes with a speed limiter installed in them. But there are a lot of four-wheelers that come with one as this helps to restrict the too speed and avoid unwanted incidents.

2. Can you remove the speed limiter?

You can but you should not. The speed limiter is often set at a speed limit that you won’t even reach in your regular life. Even so, these are set so you don’t lose track and to guarantee your safety. So it is wise not to remove the speed limiter unless a situation calls for it.

3. Is it safe to increase the speed of an ATV?

We’ll never recommend you to increase your ATV’s speed. One thing you need to know before getting yourself an ATV is that it is not built for speed racing. Given the design and formation of the vehicle, it is wise and safe to run this at a moderate speed.

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In many parts of the world, ATVs are used for racings especially drag races even though they are not built to serve racing needs. It is not like an ATV is unable to win a drag race, in many aspects it can but it is not a safe way to use this vehicle.

These are designed for rocky and bumpy roads that normal bikes can handle. And if you live in the wild and travel through rocky roads every day, there’s nothing better than an ATV for you. If you’re willing to spend some money to buy a four-wheeler for yourself, we’d suggest you make a list of all your requirements and get the one that will fulfill all of these so your money is spent wisely.

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