250cc ATV top speed

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle), also known as ‘quad’ is a motorized bike planned and built to run on dirt roads or off-road. An ATV is generally constructed with four wheels which is why it is often called a quad or four-wheeler as well.

A four-wheeler ATV is not supposed to be used for speedy purposes or racing. Even though we’re here talking about the top speed of a 250cc ATV, this is something very important to note before you go and get yourself one.

The most common type of ATVs used for beginner adults or youth range in between 125cc and 250cc. The size of the vehicle matters greatly for the rider’s comfort. So let’s find out more about 250cc ATV top speed.

How fast is a 250cc four wheeler?

A 250cc four-wheeler can go up to 50 mph. A bike that runs faster holds more appeal to most people but in the real scenario, you don’t actually need a bike faster than 50 mph as it will be neither comfortable nor safe. But if you want to make your ATV faster, there are some ways to do so.

How to make your ATV faster

How to make your ATV faster?

Even though we don’t encourage you to try to make your ATV faster, if you must do it anyway, you can check the following ways.

Installing a racing clutch

You can install a racing clutch that will allow you to change the dimensions of clutch sheaves and improve the top speed of your four-wheeler.

Removing the speed limiter

Removing the speed limiter is an option to improve the top speed of your ATV, but we don’t encourage this. But many people get rid of the limiter which allows them to enjoy a wider range.

Mechanical speed limiters are easier to remove but if your ATV comes with an electronic one, it will need reprogramming.

Improving the engine’s output power

By improving the power output of your ATV’s engine, you can see a great deal of improvement in the top speed of the vehicle.

Improving the engine's output power

Changing the gearing ratio

You can significantly change your four wheeler’s speed by changing the gearing ratio. For this, you will have to increase the size of the clutch and reduce the size of the axle.

Changing the dimensions of tires

You can increase the top speed of your ATV by changing the dimensions of the tires. Bigger tires will help you travel farther per turning allowing you to improve the speed.

But note the fact that if you increase the diameter by more than two inches, you will need to install a clutch kit to avoid burning or slipping of belt.

Knowing more about the engine types

There are four categories when it comes to engine types of a four-wheeler.

Up to 70cc – children aging 11 or less.
70cc to 90cc – kids aging in between 12 and 15.
125cc to 250cc – beginner teens or beginner adults.

Is 250cc ATV big enough?

Even though a 250cc ATV is quite big but it’s not big enough for all adults as height plays an important role in this case. You need good control and grip while you’re riding a four-wheeler, especially on a rough road. Therefore, the 250cc won’t be of much help if your height exceeds the limit.

But most of the beginner riders find themselves comfortable starting from 125cc to 250cc as these are easy to use and ideal in size. And a 250cc four-wheeler can be used to ride on almost all types of roads.


1. Does installing tracks have an impact on the top speed of an ATV?

Yes. If you install tracks on your ATV, it will have an impact on the top speed. It weighs down the tires and eventually slows down the riding process.

2. Can you modify your ATV?

Yes. You can modify your ATV. Of course, you have to maintain all the rules and restrictions regarding the modification as an ATV is not for racing or competing purposes, the modification needs to be done in moderation.

3. What is the fastest speed achieved by an ATV as per record?

As per the ‘Guinness book of world records,’ the fastest speed was 196.19 mph by a Yamaha 700 raptor (modified).


A 250cc ATV is considered the ideal size for all types of users. It has a generous amount of top speed of 50 mph and can be modified as per needs as well.

If you’re new to this and are willing to find out more about the roads and riding, you can start with a 250cc one and then switch to a bigger one after gaining more experience and confidence.

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