How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch?: Do it your Own!

Undoubtedly, remote-controlled winches are very popular now. But to some people, it can be annoying as you need to connect and disconnect every time after use. So many people might not want to have one!

More often, people want to use the winches from inside the car. Yes, there is wire involved in it, but it is hassle-free. So toggle switches can be a better alternative in this case. 

But not many people know How to Wire A Winch With a Toggle Switch. Yes, wiring a winch with a toggle switch is difficult but not impossible. By following a proper guideline, you can do it by yourself!

Winch Toggle Switch

A toggle switch is used in a winch to operate it. It is not wireless like the remote-controlled ones. But as it gives the flexibility to use the winch inside the car, they are a much better alternative to wireless ones.

Drivers mostly set the toggle switch beside the driving seat. Whereas many people like to set them in different places.

One of the advantages of using a toggle switch is that you can drive and use the winch at the same time. The toggle switch lets you operate the winch from the car. So now you can operate the winch of your vehicle without getting out of the vehicle.

As it’s a wired device, the wiring needs to be done at first.

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How to Wire a Winch with a Toggle Switch: 3 Simple Steps

Before you want to accomplish any task, you need to understand what you’re doing. According to expert advice, breaking down any task into smaller portions helps to get it done efficiently.

And for this reason, we’ve divided this whole process into three different parts.

So let’s begin…

Part 1: Pre-Installation Works

First, you need to turn off your vehicle. After that, you need to locate the toggle switch and the wires. There will be three wires (red, yellow, and green) with the toggle switch. Check whether the toggle switch is off or not. Always keep it in off condition while doing this type of task.

Then you need to disengage the winch clutch. Now open the hood to begin the installation part. Remove the yellow and green color wires from the spade connectors. 

Part 2: Installing Toggle Winch Switch

Find the solenoid box that has three posts. The posts may not be the same for all solenoids as they vary based on models. But in the case of a control box, these posts are all the same.

The top post on the solenoid box is a positive terminal. And beside it, you’ll see the negative terminal. The positive and the negative terminals are the inputs for the battery. 

The output terminal or post lies in the lower part of the control box. It also has a positive and negative end.

After that, you need to locate two small connections. They usually remain on the top side of the control box. The cables or wires go through these connections. 

For new products, everything is written inside a manual or user guide. But as figuring out the controls is easy, people usually don’t need them.

Now comes the wiring of the winch with the battery. Take the instruction manual and follow the instructions accordingly. They are the best way to complete this connection. So give a read to that!

Part 3: Toggle Switch Wiring

This is the main part of wiring a winch switch. First of all, locate the connections to connect them with cables. There will be three connections. 

Toggle switches come with a 3-way terminal. Any type of wiring task can be risky. So it’s advised to use an interrupter switch. We also have used one. 

You need to connect the safety switch/Interrupter with the In and Out part of the toggle switch. If you don’t like this, you can also use a thick wire (with three in-house wires) to avoid any hassle.

Among the three wires, there’s a green one. This is the power cable. Connect this wire with the power source. Now find the In and Out Solenoid posts and connect the rest of the two cables (usually black and white).

After that, find the central post on the control box. Now you need to attach the green cable with the main post (positive). And like before, the rest of the two wires connect with the In and Out ones.

On the other side, connect the first post (safety switch) with a green cable. This connection helps to supply power. Use it in need!

Remember to always connect the black and white cables with the In and Out posts. Use an extra cable to connect the 2nd post so that the toggle switch gets the power. And that’s it. The power connection on the toggle switch is made!


This testing part doesn’t fall under the installation process. But the testing has to be done to make sure if everything works perfectly or not. 

The wiring can be a little tricky. Make sure you have made the proper wiring. Now test the toggle switch by turning it on and off. If it works then, it’s alright. But if it doesn’t, recheck the wiring and connections.


With the wiring being done, your winch is now ready to use. If you find the wiring too complex, take the help of a winch mechanic. But we believe you can do it by yourself.
The main reason for breaking down the full process into several parts was to help you understand how to wire a winch with a Toggle Switch better. Reach out to us in case of any queries.

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