150cc ATV top speed

What is an ATV? It is an all-terrain vehicle designed for riding off-road or on dirt roads. It is ideally designed for one rider and it comes with four balloon-like tires ideal for the harsh roads and obstacles. The design of an ATV consists of three parts – the straddle seat, handlebar steering, and maneuvering ability.

The speed of an ATV depends on its engine’s capabilities. The engine’s power is measured in cubic centimeters which is basically the volume of the cylinder. The size of the cylinder can start from as low as 50cc and go up to 700cc which is a sport four-wheeler. Three are also 800cc utility ATVs and 1000cc SXSs.

Let’s find out more about the 150cc ATV, its too speed, and ways to increase its speed limit.

How fast will a 150cc ATV go?

A 150cc ATV will give you a speed of 40mph. You might be able to control the speed and bring it down to 10 mph or lower with the help of a regulator.

150cc atv top speed

Choosing the right engine size

The size of an ATV’s engine is defined by the amount of ‘cc’ or cubic centimeters mentioned with the name of the ATV. This actually indicates the volume of the cylinder. Say if we’re talking about a 150cc ATV, it means the cylinder’s volume is 150 in cubic centimeters.

A specific type of engine is suitable for people of a specific age. Check the following list for better understanding.

  • 70cc or lower – these are used for kids aged 11 and under.
  • 70cc to 90cc – these can be used by kids ages between 12 and 15.
  • 125cc to 250cc – these are suitable for both beginner teens and adults.

Ways to make the 150cc four wheelers faster

We don’t encourage changing anything about an ATV to make it faster as it raises a question about the safety as you speed it up. Even so, there are times when people need to look for ways to make an ATV faster so if you must we’d like to help you by demonstrating the following ways.

Ways to make the 150cc four wheelers faster

By removing the speed limiter

Most of the ATVs come with a speed limiter or regulator. A speed limiter is a must-have for parents if they are getting their kids a four-wheeler. It helps them monitor the speed and adjust it to their need so they can ensure the safety of the kids by keeping the top speed in check.

If it’s a kid’s bike, we’d strongly forbid you not to interfere with the speed limiter. But for other cases, you can improve the top speed easily by getting rid of the speed limiter. Removing the speed limiter will allow you to increase the speed of the ATV. It is easy to remove the mechanic speed limiter but for an electronic one, it will need reprogramming to get rid of the limiter.

By installing a racing clutch

A racing clutch helps you adjust the dimensions of clutch sheaves thus allowing you to improve the four-wheeler’s top speed. So you can try installing a racing clutch in your ATV.

Changing the dimensions of tires

Another unique way of improving the top speed of a four-wheeler is to manipulate the dimensions of tires. If you get your tires bigger they will cover more ground per revolution resulting in more speed.

Note: if you increase the diameter fir more than two inches, you must install a clutch kit. This will prevent the slipping if burning of the belt.

Improving the engine’s output power

You can see a great deal of improvement in the top speed of the vehicle by improving the engine’s output power. But make sure to follow the right procedure for doing so.

Changing the gearing ratio

Last but not the least, you can bring a significant change in your ATV’s speed by changing the gearing ratio. To do so, increase the size of the clutch and reduce the size of the axle.


Is the engine of ATV too big?

The engine of an ATV is bigger compared to general motorbikes. The engine has to be big so it can produce more power for the four wheels to run smoothly.

What is the fastest stock ATV in the world?

The fastest stock ATV today is the Polaris scrambler XP 1000 that can speed up to 80 mph.

Is it safe to increase the speed of an ATV?

We’ll never recommend you to increase your ATV’s speed. One thing you need to know before getting yourself an ATV is that it is not built for speed racing. Given the design and formation of the vehicle, it is wise and safe to run this at a moderate speed.

What vehicles are affordable to use for off-road use?

Three are two types of vehicles great for off-road use – ATV and UTV. While ATV is built only for single riders a UTV allows riders to sit side by side. But an ATV is a much more affordable option than a UTV.


If you’re interested to get yourself an ATV, it can be either because you love adventure and want to try riding a four-wheeler, or you have to ride in the wild and travel through bumpy roads where bikes are not an option.

No matter which one, a good quality ATV is very fun to use, and also it is very useful for off-highway use. The 150cc ATV is a good option for beginner riders who are willing to learn. Also, there are always ways to modify a four-wheeler just make sure to research well before buying one.

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