Best Speedmaster Winches Serving Optimal Performance

I grew up seeing my father keep mechanical devices in his workshop. That robust device, able to adjust the tension of ropes, is known as a winch. You must have seen this too in versatile usages, don’t you?

If talking about automotive components, the discussion is incomplete without Speedmaster. A Speedmaster winch comes with the best traits that you can expect. Coming with a vast range in weight, it can handle any situation to carry over. In this article, we show Speedmaster winch review to serve a detailed output so that buying will be easier.

Top 4 Speedmaster winches review

Speedmaster has grown as a leading expert company in aftermarket automotive segments. Among its vast products, you will find some of them are undoubtedly remarkable in every criterion. In this Speedmaster winch review, let’s explore its top four winches that have become pretty popular among users.

1. Speedmaster PCE553.1005 Electric 4WD Winch Kit Review

Speedmaster Electric 4WD Winch

Classifying from 9500lb to 13000lb, what trouble you fall into can be solved through this sturdy model. Alongside its 4WD winch incorporates several advanced and unique features. You will find a black powder coated finishing that looks more premium while having stainless steel hardware.

Meanwhile, containing aluminum crossbars transform it into a much durable one. It’s highly famous among users for longevity along with an elegant, professional outlook. Including a cable-based remote control and switch generates more versatility.

While its waterproof box is also included, you can mount it over a winch motor. This model with a 6 HP motor comes with a four-way surge fairlead and formed sickle too. Having a free spooling clutch, the automatic in-the-drum braking system makes it more different.

Meanwhile, it carries an 85 feet’s long cable with 3/8 inches of diameter. Its black variant finishing looks great for your versatile activities. Besides, it is preferable to use a battery of 650 CCA minimum.

The robust Speedmaster model employs 360 motor amps while keeping a line speed of 5.6 feet/min. Meanwhile, a free spooling line speed is 22 feet/min during under no loads.


  • Pulling power of 13,000 pounds.
  • Three-stage planetary gear.
  • Automatic brake system.
  • Enabled with wireless remote control.
  • Durable magnetic machine.
  • Sliding ring equipment.


  • Shortness of IP67 protection.

Why Will You Like This Product?

The performance and durability of this Speedmaster winch are absolutely spot-on, and the price is also reasonable.

2. Speedmaster PCE553.1004 Electric 4WD Winch Kit Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1004 Electric 4WD Winch

Having the rated line pulling capacity of 12000 lbs, this Speedmaster model serves a 6 HP motor. It is 562 mm long, 160 mm wide, and 218 mm tall in overall dimensions. Besides, it can nicely perform through the wireless remote system, including a 4WD winch kit.

It comes with a roller fairlead that provides an 85 feet long cable of 3/8 inches in diameter. Its free spool clutch in sliding ring gear, automated in-drum braking process, etc., makes it more trait-enriched. Alongside its enabled power out, carrying a three-stage planetary gear brings significance for providing better performance.

Besides, this winch’s line type is cable or wire. This 85 feet long line contains 3/8 inches diameter, while steel is the construction material here. Moreover, you will find a gear ratio of 265.2:1. Meanwhile, its robust drum also ensures long-time usage.

Coming with 2.5 inches diameter along with 8.8 inches long drum can tolerate heavy-duty loads. Besides, its black finish is much elegant that can easily attract user’s eyeballs. Besides, you can buy this robust and compact winch as a kit. These are the best specifications throughout Speedmaster 12000 winch review.


  • Wireless remote system accessibility.
  • Elegant black finishing.
  • High-quality steel as construction material.
  • 3-stage differential planetary gear.
  • Automated in-drum braking process.


  • Shortness of IP67 protection.

Why Will You Like This Product?

The pulling capacity of this winch is sufficient for almost any vehicle, and the extra features such as the unique design, different line types etc., make it the ideal choice for any user.

3. Speedmaster 9500lbs/ 4310kgs 12V Electric 4wd Winch Kit Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1003 Electric 4WD Winch Kit

Coming with a loading capacity of 9500 lbs, this model serves good value for your money. This 94 feet long steel cable winch makes users delightful through its easy-go-install process. This winch brings a 5.5 HP motor along with elegant black finishing.

Bringing enough flexibility in the installation process keeps users reliable. Meanwhile, it is suggested to use a 650 CCA battery minimum. Besides, it brings you a 12 ft wired wireless remote control.

Through this remote, you can make connections within 50 feet of range. Its drum has 63.5 mm in diameter, and 224 mm in length makes it more unique. This Speedmaster winch is capable of providing a three-step planetary gear system for ensuring overall secured control.

Besides, having a free spool clutch prohibits making any destructive issues while making control. Meanwhile, it carries an automatic in-drum-braking system. By blending conventional and advanced technology, Speedmaster 9500 winch generates unique & distinctive traits.


  • Easy to install.
  • Three-stage planetary gear.
  •  Free spooling clutch.
  • Automatic in-drum-braking system.
  • 94 ft steel cable goes through roller fairlead.
  • Easy to maintain and durable.


  • Heavyweight winch.

Why Will You Like This Product?

This winch offers you complete control over towing your vehicle. Being paired with its powerful parts and affordable price makes this winch the right companion for your vehicle.

4. Speedmaster PCE553.1001 Electric ATV Winch Kit Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1001 Electric ATV Winch Kit

Many users generally look for ATV and UTV-suited winches. For serving their preferable smaller vehicles, this model of Speedmaster keeps much uniqueness. Though it’s smaller, traits like action dynamic braking system, wired remote control, free spool clutch, etc., all exist here.

It comes with a 1.2 HP motor that carries a 2500 pounds rated line pulling capacity. Meanwhile, this winch adopts a roller fairlead for smoother spooling with more subordinate pulling power. A three-step planetary gear system makes it more user-friendly that holds a 153:1 gear ratio.

Besides, its 40 feet long galvanized steel cable contains 3/16 inches diameter. In the meantime, having a dynamic braking system makes the overall process faster. As a result, carrying heavy loads turns into a much easier task.

Besides, getting accessibility to utilize a 10 feet lead remote control is an exceptional trait. As a result, users can keep a safe distance while using the winch. As it does not come with IP67 resistance, you may often face trouble using it in muddy sprinkles.

Moreover, you will find limitations in water resistance too. However, it can survive water in a limited manner. Having no wireless remote is its major drawback, while almost every Speedmaster winch has it.

But your satisfaction will go higher with it during small vehicle-based activities. Apart from its drawbacks, it is one of the best Speedmaster winches for ATV & UTV.


  • Suitable for ATV and UTV.
  • Triple-step planetary gear.
  • 10-feet lead remote control.
  • 2500 pounds in pulling potential.
  • Having a dynamic braking system.


  • No wireless remote control availability.

Why Will You Like This Product?

If you’re looking for a winch suitable for a smaller vehicle and don’t feel like emptying your pocket over it, this winch is what you should go for.

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speedmaster winch Buying Guide

1. Waterproofness

If you get involved with water and mud cases, having a waterproof winch comes as a big relief. Speedmaster winches are capable of providing such features. Classified from the Ingress Protection (IP) rating works as an against-party to get intruded from water, mud, debris, dust.

As these are very common components that are encountered on the trail, a waterproof manner makes winches more durable. Among the IP ratings, the first number represents solid component size. Meanwhile, the sixth number indicates the highest rating, which is much dust-free.

Besides, the second is for fluid resistance. Speedmaster brings a waterproof dust-free winch security cover that is much more heavy-duty in action.

2. Gearing

Without the ability to pull your materials efficiently, you may not buy that winch, will you? Speedmaster comes with different winch models, while each consists of a robust wound motor with higher horsepower series. So, what can indicate a better power in pulling?

Well, before buying one, you must consider if a snatch block, attached cables exist or not. As these components ensure a better pulling power-based winch, you will find mechanical benefits. Meanwhile, pulling capability offers to spool more wire off the drum.

3. Charging Specifications

In this Speedmaster winch review, without knowing charge specs, will keep your acknowledgment incomplete. Well, what more do you think can affect or get involved for having a smoother performance? Containing a better charging system in your vehicle is always required for getting escaped from any trouble.

Meanwhile, Speedmaster winches can generate a massive amount of amperage. You will find this amount which is much higher than the conventional alternator. As our activities related to winches are for a shorter period, the battery can get the scope to power winches.

After that, the typical alternator renews the battery. In this winch brand, you no longer require adding any deep cycle battery urgently. Meanwhile, this high-end winch is much efficient without even any robust battery.

4. Construction & Electronics

Nowadays, each electronic device comes with an alteration. But materials such as winches do many obstacles for doing any modification. So, it is highly necessary to talk about it before purchasing a winch.

As you look for a more robust and reliable winch, construction materials do the trick here. Having better electronics, robust-strength materials, modified sealing from elements will ensure you for a long-run-go winch. You can explore a coar-based finishing along with stainless steel hardware.

Besides, having aluminum crossbars makes it a more attractive and professional-looking winch. If you find any wired remote switch and control here, it becomes more versatile. Alongside these, looking for a winch motor, four-way roller, forged hooks are also required for having a durable one.

5. Winch Capacity

Considering the capacity of your chosen winch indicates line pull rating. This rating is an order of the tensile robustness of drum lines and the mechanical capability of that winch. Well, how much pulling power-oriented winch do you need?

It has a nice calculation to figure your winch’s capacity out. Best winch rating>= GVWR X 1.5, where GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight. So, if your vehicle or other vehicle weighs 3000 lbs, then it is necessary to have a capacity of at least 4500 lbs.

As a result, the higher the winch potential, the better it serves. More massive capability-based winches commonly hold more extensive machines and line spindles.

6. Winch Motors

As Speedmaster winch mainly comes with electric winches, what motors or engines are being used is very vital. It generally brings two types of DC motors. The first one is a permanent magnet motor, while the series-wound motor is the rest.

A permanent magnet motor can execute light to even medium-duty activities. Meanwhile, these motors are very cost-effective while you have to count load and winching time. But these are not evenly-working materials in cold weather.

Besides, losing control often happens due to less tolerance to heat. On the other hand, series-wound motors utilize plot coils to form the magnetic field. Though it is pretty expensive, you can execute it in any situation smoothly.

However, a few Speedmaster winches make trouble in winter conditions or muddy roads. But these will not create a massive havoc indeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much pulling capacity is required?

-It is dependent on your vehicle’s specifications. However, experts suggest having a winch at least 1.5 times as robust as a car’s weight.

2. How can I increase the winch capacity?

-For claiming maximum effectiveness, using snatch block, keeping away from utilizing top speed, etc., will increase capacity.

3. Does my winch require oiling or similar lubricating?

-Speedmaster winches are lubricated through the assembly. Under ordinary circumstances or situations, lubricating is quickly done. However, you can consult the manuals for specs.

4. Can I transfer anyone via my winch horizontally or vertically?

-It’s better not to use it as a hoist. So, prohibiting your winch from moving people is more practical.


Often you may get into trouble, such as while driving a car or in other cases. During the adventure, several crucial points you need to consider frequently. Carrying a winch makes any frequent tasks easier.

Speedmaster winches come with unique traits through utilizing advanced technology. Among its models, you will find different specs, specialized for various situations. These winches are the complete recovery system that carries robustness and reliability.

Meanwhile, it’s better if your chosen winch can make your overall activities useful or not. So, you can choose your perfect-matched winches according to your priorities. Throughout this Speedmaster winch review, you will get the factors that can affect your activities indeed.

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