X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc

As days passed the popularity of the ATVs increased rapidly among people of various ages. Even the kids are getting more and fonder of ATVs. This has become a great medium of recreation and having fun in their leisure time.

Since the popularity of ATVs increased dramatically among people of all ages, the manufacturers got an opportunity to expand their business in the ATV industry. So they started to produce ATVs for people of different ages like youths, kids, and adults.

Best x pro 40cc atv reviews

X-Pro is a reputed brand in the four-wheeler industry and they have produced many great ATVs for the users. And X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc is a product they produced especially for the kids.

Today I am gonna share an in-depth X Pro 40cc ATV reviews with you. In case you are looking for a perfect ATV for your kid then this particular ATCV model is a great option to consider. And this in-depth review will definitely help you out in making the right ATV purchase decision for your kid.

What are the X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc?

X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc is a four-wheeler from the brand X-Pro. They have ATVs for people of different ages. And this particular model is specially designed for the usage of kids age between 4 to 7.  

All the ATVs available in the market aren’t suitable for the kids. There need some specific features to suit an ATV for the kids like smaller dimension, easy to operate, and necessary safety features.

X Pro 40cc ATV Sizing Chart

Max Load Capacity (lbs.)  : 70 lbs.

Net Weight (lbs.)               : 82.

Gross Weight (lbs.)            : 103.

Carton dimension (inch)   : 41*22*19″.

Seat Height (inch)               : 22.46″.

Front Tire                             : 4.10-6.

Rear Tire                              : 13*5.00-6.

Key Features

  • A 40ccc four-stroke engine.
  • Single cylinder.
  • Chain transmission system.
  • Pull start mode.
  • 22 mile per hour is the maximum speed.
  • 1.8-liter tank capacity.


  • Great build quality.
  • Decent quality engine.
  • Brakes on both front and rear.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Engine kill switch.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Air-cooled engine for preventing overheating issues.


  • Weight is on the higher side considering its made for kids.
  • No warranty facility.

Detailed Discussion On The X Pro 40cc ATV reviews

This ATV comes with a four-stroke 20cc engine. The engine power is more than enough for kids as the ATV is made aiming at kid’s age between 4 to 7 years old. 

The engine of the ATV is air-cooled to save the ATV from throttling for overheating. So you can be assured about not seeing any malfunctioning of the winch for overheating. It will increase the lifespan of the motor of this four-wheeler.

And another great thing about having an air-cooled engine is that you don’t need to take extra maintenance of the ATV to keep the engine in good condition.

The ATV comes with chain transmission and pulls start functionality. These features make it very easy to control the motor vehicle.

And for kids, it’s important that the ATV will be easy to operate and control otherwise they won’t be able to learn the riding process easily, and thus they will lose interest in four-wheelers.

Another important point is if the ATV is difficult to operate then there is a high possibility that the kid may fall into accidents while riding the motor vehicle.

The ATV comes with a brake on both front and rear. It gives a better stopping power to the rider. And as parents, you already know how important this safety feature is for your kid while riding the ATV.

The entire bike obtained EPA approval and build maintaining EPA standards. So you can be assured about the amazing build quality of the ATV.

The maximum speed the ATV can reach is 22 miles per hour. This max speed is a sweet point for the kids. If the speed is higher than your kid may fall into an accident after increasing the speed rapidly.

Another bad thing about increasing speed rapidly is that it becomes difficult to operate the ATV for the kids when speed is very high.

There is a speed governor located on the right side of the handlebar. This grants the parents to set a speed that is perfect for their kid. That way they can minimize the risks of any unusual occurrences when the kid is riding the motor vehicle.

The brand X Pro makes various ATV models. And all of them aren’t suitable for people of every age. This particular model we are talking about in this article is suitable for kids ages 4-7. 

If your kid is new to ATV riding and looking to start riding and learning ATVs for the first time then this ATV model from X Pro is a perfect suit for your kid. The functionality and features of this ATV are very compatible with the kids who are new to riding an ATV.

There is a luggage rack on the back of the ATV. Your kids can carry out necessary objects on the rack when going to different places riding the vehicle.

Usually, kids are fond of different playing instruments. And they love to keep those instruments with the most of the time. And this luggage rack of the ATV gives them the opportunity to carry out their playing instruments in whatever places they go.

There is a bumper located on the front of the ATV this bumper saves the vehicle and rider from any harm when the front side is impacted while riding the vehicle.

The 1.8-liter fuel tank of the four-wheeler aims at good distance riding for the rider. The ATV package comes with various handy gifts like X-Pro hand gloves, goggles, and hand grips.

The X-Pro gloves are very handy at the time of riding the ATV. It saves the hands of your kid from any harm while holding the handle of the ATV a long time at the time of riding it. And getting this for free is something really pleasing for any buyer.

The goggle seller provides with the package helps the rider to keep his eyes safe from dirt and dust. So as a parent you won’t need to worry about eye care of your kid when they are riding the ATV on a road where there is lots of dust.

It’s really crucial to have a tight grip on the hand while riding any ATV. Usually, people tend to ride difficult paths with an ATV. And if the grip isn’t good then someone may lose control of the motor vehicle and thus fall into an accident.

And in the case of kids, it’s more important than the adults that the hands will have great grip while holding the ATV’s handle. Otherwise, his hand may slip away and fall into unusual situations. And as a parent, you will never like it to happen to your kid.

And the manufacturer provides free handgrips for solving these problems and ensures extra safety for your kids while riding the ATV.

With lots of good talks about the ATV still, there are drawbacks to it too. And the two major drawbacks I see on this particular ATV model are its heavy and no warranty facility.

I personally always love to buy something which has a decent warranty period. That way I will be able to remain worried free for a certain period of time about any damages to the vehicles. And unfortunately, the manufacturer proves no warranty facilities for this particular ATV model.

Another thing about this ATV that concerns me is its high weight. Considering the fact that it’s made for kid’s age range of 4 to 7 the 103 lbs. weight is pretty high. And controlling this heavy ATV will be difficult for many kids.

x pro 40cc atv reviews


What is a good ATV for a 5-year-old?

X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc is a good ATV for 5 years old.

How fast does a 40cc 4 wheeler go?

Minimum of 21 MPH and a maximum of 24 MPH a 40cc 4 wheeler can go.

What is a good size 4 wheeler for a 6-year-old?

40cc to 50cc is a good range when it comes to buying an ATV for 4-6-year-old kids.

What age is a 40cc ATV for?

40cc is the least powerful ATV in the market and appropriate for kids ages 6 or up.

Final Verdict…

The X-PRO Kids ATV 4 Wheelers 40cc is a great ATV if you are in the hunt for a perfect ATV for your child. The motor vehicle has necessary safety features and great functionalities to make the journey of riding an ATV joyful for your kid.

Hope these detailed X Pro 40cc ATV reviews will help you out to make you a perfect buying decision. I discussed key features, pros, and cons to give you a clear about the ATV.

In case you have any queries about this ATV then feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be there to answer your queries.

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