4 Best Rough Country Winch Reviews to Rescue You From Stuck

Before you hit the off-road driving, you have to make sure you have the very best winches present in the toolbox. The Winch is a simple tool but does a great function when you haul your car’s wheels ever severely stuck in the sand, mud, dirt, dust, water, and other rugged terrains. 

When we’re talking about Winch, the Rough Country comes in the front line with their high quality and easy recovery winches. And that’s why they achieve the off-road driver’s trust to save them without facing too much hassle.

However, when it’s time to choose Winches, there are many things to consider to find the right one for you. Maybe that is also challenging. Well, no worries! In this article, we will present you with the top 4 best Rough Country winch reviews. Let’s get into the deep of the article.


Rough Country 12,000 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

Top Features

  • Works like monster.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Heavy-duty material .

Rough Country 12,000 LB Winch

Top Features

  • Solid build.
  • Best value.
  • Strong and lightweight.

1. Rough Country 9,500 Winch Review

You need an efficient winch to remove your stuck Jeep JK, TJ, SUV, ATV, or any other off-roading vehicles, right.  The Rough Country 9500 electric Winch can be your best partner in this horrible situation. It has 100 fits steel cable and synthetic rope by which you can easily pull your stuck car and get back to your home safely and timely. 

If we look at the other Rough Country winch features, we have found an auto frame braking system, high-speed torque, and 12 fit remote control for convenient use. In simple words, it has included all the essential features that you want from a winch.

Rough Country offers you many features and doesn’t determine a high price range for this winch 9500 lb. Because they want to provide you a high-quality product within a reasonable price. 

rough country winch reviews

Technical features

  • IP- 67.
  • Gear ratio-265:1
  • Auto frame braking.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • 12 fits hand control cable.
  • 100 fits steel rope.


  • Brand- Rough Country. 
  • Item model no.- Pro 9500.
  • Weight- 82.8 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 9500 lbs.
  • Dimension-(L*D*H) (23.25″*13.5″*12.5″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

This Winch isn’t for too heavyweight or too low weight vehicles. That means if your adventurous partner is a mid-level car, or Jeep you can undoubtedly use it to pull that from stuck.

  • Easy hook up.
  • Great customer service.
  • It fits in your pocket.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Electrical warranty for one year and mechanical warranty for two years.
  • It would be better if the remote has a wireless connection.

2. Rough Country 12000 winch review

If you have a heavyweight vehicle and look for a winch to pull more than 12000 lbs weight, then our 2nd choice is Rough Country 12000 lb. pro series winch for you. Why do we choose it for you? Here are some of the reasons 

Most of the real users of this Rough Country winch review that it is one of the Winch that you can easily install in your car, efficient performance, and six horsepower motor. Besides all the features, it has 100 fits steel rope to pull your vehicle, and it has a waterproof and dustproof body with 67 IP ratings. 

We hope all of the features can offer you superior performance. No matters if your car is stuck in heavy rain or a storm of sand. This RC 12000 lb. Winch is enough for you. 

rough country 12000 winch review

Technical features

  • IP-67.
  • Gear ratio- 265:1.
  • 12 fits cable. 100 fits steel rope.


  • Brand- Rough Country.
  • Item model no.- Pro12000.
  • Weight- 87.8 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 12000 lbs.
  • Dimension (L*D*H) (23.25″*13.5″*12.5″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

You can use this Winch if your SUV or ATV is stuck on any muddy road or a place like quicksand. No issues how odd the situation is; it will escape you from there.

  • Works like monster.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Heavy-duty material.
  • Durable and sustainable.
  • Worth your investment.
  • The rope may tear if you exceed the pulling capacity.

3. Rough Country 12,000 pro S Winch Review

Are you a beginner in off-roading or want to start your adventurous off-road driving, then we have come to assist you with Rough Country 12000 lb Pro S winch reviews. It is easy to install this winch so that you don’t have to face any trouble installing it as a beginner.

Moreover, this  Rough Country winch has a strong and durable synthetic rope to pull your heavyweight trucks, Jeep, or vehicles. You can efficiently operate its 6 HP motor with the wired remote control. For this, you have to press the on/off button of the remote. As simple as it is!

Have you worried if you received any defective parts? Don’t worry, mate. You will get a 100 percent refund within 90 days of purchase in case of receiving any defects in any parts of your Winch, and of course, it’s without asking you any questions. How fantastic the system is!

rough country winch reviews

Technical features

  • IP-67.
  • Gear ratio- 265:1.
  • Auto frame braking.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • 12 fits cable. 85 fits synthetic rope.


  • Brand- Rough Country.
  • Item model no.- Pro12000s.
  • Weight- 64.2 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity- 12000lbs.
  • Dimension (L*D*H) (23.25″*13.5″*12.5″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

Because of its easy installation process and heavyweight loading capacity, you can choose it for your heavyweight vehicles.

  • Solid build.
  • Best value.
  • Strong and lightweight.
  • Well packaging.
  • Easy to install.
  • The power cable should be longer.

4. Rough Country 4,500 winch review

Our last pick from the Rough Country winches is the 4500 lb. winch. If you don’t like to drive any bulky size and heavyweight vehicles and your favorite vehicles are lightweight cars, this small Winch is perfect for you. The Rough Country designs it for a private car or small-sized vehicles. Most of these Winch users say it is very durable and reliable though it isn’t big in size.

The company provides you everything you need to install this Winch in your car. So you don’t have to buy any hardware tool separately. It doesn’t get overheated if you use it for a more extended period and it also doesn’t lose its efficiency. Those are the things that most outing enthusiasts wish to have in their winches. 

rough country winches

Technical features

  • Gear ratio- 166:1.
  • Powerful 1.4 HP motor.
  • 12 fits hand control cable. 50 fits synthetic rope. 


  • Brand –  Rough Country.
  • Item model no. –  RS4500s.
  • Weight –  23.2 lbs.
  • Pulling capacity –  4500.
  • Dimension  (L*D*H) (12.8″*4.6″*4.8″).

Why Will You Like This Product?

It is lightweight and can pull 4500 pounds so you can like this Winch for your small-sized vehicles. 

  • Safe to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • It doesn’t require any drilling to install the Winch.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Flexible synthetic ropes.
  • No wireless remote control.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Winch: a Useful Buying Guide

There are several things that you have to consider to choose the perfect Winch. In this part of our Rough country reviews, we have mentioned some features you must keep in mind while buying a winch. Let’s know about the features.

Winch pulling capacity

You have to consider the Winch pulling capacity. Choose the Winch, which can tolerate 1.5x more weight than your vehicle to avoid overloading or underloading power. An appropriate winching capacity can offer the best pulling on mud, hills, dirty, and extremely uneven roads.

Construction material

The more durable your Winch construction material, the more you can rely on it to carry your vehicle’s load. So before buying a winch for your car, you must check and recheck the material. At this time, never think only expensive Winch offers your high-quality Winch. 

Even a mid-level pricing winch can also offer you the best quality winch, and it proves Rough Country. Here in our Rough Country review, most winches have 1.4-1.6 horsepower motors and three-stage planetary gears which don’t overheat. 

Gear ratio

You need a robust and accurate gear ratio to pull your stuck vehicle. When you consider gear ratio, you have to focus on the motor power because different types and brands include different gearing options. So please don’t ignore it.

Water and dustproof

You have to select water and dustproof Winch to use roughly during the rainy season. Not only that, a water resistance winch can offer you highly efficient performance on any harsh weather and terrains. 


If the company offers you a minimum warranty, they are using the best material to produce the Winch. So you can certainly trust the brand and use it without any concern. Our selected brand Rough Country offers you a one-year electrical warranty and two years mechanical warranty. That’s why you can buy their Winch and give your car’s responsibility to its shoulder. 

Customer Support

There are two words that “the first impression is the last impression” and “first the appearance, then the judge“. It isn’t different in the case of Winch. When you buy the Winch, you must like to get a warm welcome from the customer care. 

Even if your Winch stops working within a few days of purchasing, you have to depend on the customer service section to repair or exchange. So good customer support isn’t less important than any other thing. You can read some of the reviews of real customers of the Rough Country brand. We’re pretty sure after reading you will also be convinced by their customer caring attitude.

Fixing Budget

Pricing affects a lot on any product. You know the best products always ask for a reasonable price. But sometimes, if you can justify the products, you can find out your desired things within your budget. There are many winch brands in the market, and they are starting from hundred dollars to thousand dollars. If you choose Rough Country winches, you can get it within your wallet because their price range is reasonable. 

6 frequently asked questions (FAQs) to  quench your information thirst

Here we like to provide you some extra information about Rough Country products, which helps you rely on this brand to purchase your automobile kits. 

What Makes Rough Country Products Stand Out From the Competition?

We can showcase many things that help to make rough Country products stand out from the market shout. For example

  • High-quality product at an affordable price.
  • Different sizes and ranges of products.
  • Related essential automobile accessories.
  • Longer warranty.
  • Good customer support.
  • Strong customer relationship.
  • Fast delivery etc.

Where Are Rough Country Products Made?

Rough Country is a renowned brand in off-road suspension accessories in this  SUV market industry. The company is manufacturing all kinds of products in Dyersburg in the USA. 

How Long Has Rough Country Been Around?

In 1986 Gridiron Capital established the Rough Country company to serve the automobile industry. That means around 35 years; they produce different types of SUV kits. Such as Winch, tires, wheels, steering tops, lights, and many other automobile accessories. 

Why are Rough Country Products so Popular?

There are some excellent signs which will uplift your brand name in the market shout and enhance popularity among the mass people. Rough Country isn’t different from this. Rough Country products are popular because of quality products with durable material, friendly customer service, product warranty, reasonable price, strong customer relationship, fast delivery, etc. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Rough Country Offer?

A valid warranty worth your price besides securing your investment. Anything can happen when you are driving your SUVs on the road. Rough Country can realize it, so they offer you a lifetime replacement warranty on all their suspension products. Here isn’t the end of it, if you face any problem using the products within 90 days of purchasing they offer full payment refund.

Are Rough Country Winches Any Good?

In winches, different capacity winches are suitable for different sizes of cars, trucks, and jeeps. By considering this, Rough Country produces different capacity winches, and the users are satisfied, which is highlighted in their reviews. So we can say rough Country winches are the right choice for you.

Final words

Are you still confused about which Winch will be the right choice for you? Don’t panic, be steady, and try to focus on your needs. Hopefully, now you are aware of your Winch’s features that you need to take your off-road driving experience to the advanced level. 

We are trying to give you exact information from our expert panels through our Rough Country winch reviews. No issues if you own a heavyweight truck, mid-weight Jeep, or lightweight private car. We have kept all three category winches in our study. 

Pick one Winch and be a pro-off-road enthusiast!

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