E6000 Glue Review For Durable Craft and Dry Works

Crafters, makers, and dryers love this E6000 glue, and it became most famous for its toughness, strength, and high quality. Our E6000 glue review will tell you about this excellent crafting tool which is ideal for industrial requirements. 

However, this glue will allow you to bond almost whatever you need. For Example, if you wish to stick some wooden buttons on a glass surface, it will work wonderfully.

Along with the regular features, it has some special unique properties that make it the consumers’ first preference to choose. Yet, you often get confused about whether you need to use E6000 or where and how to apply. 

Therefore, to understand this product well, we have prepared an E6000 Glue review and guide. So let’s have a look at this unique and exciting adhesive to see what you can do with it.

Quick Review

The E6000 bonds work wonderfully on any materials you can think of. You can stick the glass surface on wooden buttons, but it will look like new. It remains clear and transparent even when cured. 

The E6000 can be your best choice for your DIY projects to get you a glossy outcome at the end. There are plenty of color options, so you have a great chance to choose your favorite one. 

E6000 230010 Craft Glue

While the requirement is for an industrial purpose, E6000 is ready to make its utmost performance. It is an outstanding tool among professionals and manufacturers. The glue is highly popular due to its safe dryness and it is well paintable and also safe for photography. 

Besides, the E6000 craft adhesive is ultimately dryer/washer safe, and waterproof. Once you can make sure of perfect dryness, it will never damage in water. 

Do you sometimes think what is e6000 glue used for”?

What not, you can apply this glue everywhere. For example,

  • Vinyl 
  • Ceramics
  • Wood 
  • Plastics 
  • Rubber
  • Leather 
  • Glass
  • Metal 
  • Concrete  
  • Fiberglass 
E6000 Glue review and guide

Key Features

Unique Rubber-Based Adhesive  

This crafting glue has its specialty with a unique rubber-based adhesive. And, it has some unique properties that allow it to excel where other glues fail.

Temperature resistant 

It resists extreme temperatures, whether it’s hot or cold. Therefore working in any weather condition with the glue is hassle-free. It’s excellent for use outdoors and indoors.  

Adjust to a Variety of Materials

We already have mentioned the different materials above that can be a perfect match with E6000. You will get a strong bond on any materials while working with this extraordinary super adhesive.


It completely costs you a few bucks and saves your extra dollars by avoiding purchasing your valuable items. So, you can afford this handy gizmo with a bit of pocket money.

Perfect for a Quick Fix

E6000 doesn’t require much time to dry. It can give you an extra facility to fix your broken things within minutes. As a result, fixing is relatively fast and trouble-free anywhere and anytime.


  • Fixing broken pieces is very simple and easy
  • Exceptional toughness and strength is its area of expertise
  • Incredibly flexible and versatile using opportunity
  • Easy, fast, and effortless to create new things with it
  • Waterproof so you can use it in wet items


  • Initially, the extremely strong fume may cause a headache if you can’t tolerate the glue odor
  • Sometimes, it can be messy unless you efficiently deal with the glue

Ways How You Can Use E6000 Glue

Since we have recommended the E6000 glue for your industrial purpose, you should experiment before using it. In your first step, we suggest you use/apply this substance in a small area to ensure whether it fits your required task. 

And, this little experiment before getting into the main task will assist you in avoiding an accident. Let’s see some more steps to follow how you can use this glue precisely.

1. Dry Surface

You must have a dry surface to use it, or else the bond you want to make will not be that strong. The wet surface is not suitable to apply E6000.

2. Use Petroleum on Cap-Lid

Glue caps, by the way, get stuck once you’ve used and closed the lid. In this case, you can rub some petroleum around the cap and then lid it. You find the lid opening process easier whenever you need it next.

3. Keep the Nozzle Clean

You should use some citrus-based solvents or acetone to keep the glue nozzle clean. Because most of the time the nozzle seems not well accurate. If you keep the nozzle clean it will help you do your job more efficiently.

4. Ensure the Time-Management

Glue can work well within 10 to 15 minutes, but the manufacturers suggest following for 6 to 7 minutes. We recommend keeping it for 10 to 15 minutes and then leaving for twenty-four hours to get adequately cured. You will get an excellent result afterward.

14. Safety and Technical Data Sheet

E6000 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

E6000 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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1. What is e6000 glue used for?

The glue is suitable to fix different substances indoors or outdoors while it’s broken or even to make a new product. You can use this glue for almost all types of materials like- wood, leather, glass, etc. 

2. Is E6000 better than Gorilla Glue?

Both of the adhesives are super vigorous in their performance. E6000 glue is most effective when you use it for household items, for instance, fabric, glass, wood, plastic, etc. Gorilla Glue, on the other hand, helps with construction work like concrete, flooring, and masonry installment, etc.  

3. What will E6000 not stick to?

It works well on many surfaces, but there are only a few materials that it does not stick to. Yet, it is not suitable to use on glass and plastics directly. It will not adhere to the diachronic or iridized surfaces of glass and plastics. In this case, if you work on these materials, you should choose another substitute.

4. Does E6000 glue come off?

Apply naphtha spirits for taking away the gluea dm wait for 10 to 30 minutes. In this time, it will become softer and start melting to come off. 

5. How much weight can E6000 hold?

The strength of bonding the glue with the stuff depends on the material. As long as it is best for household items, it keeps a bond strength that ranks from 34 to 45 pounds PLI. 

6. Is E6000 conductive?

This product cannot carry out electricity if you can cure it completely. It’s an electrical insulator. Therefore, it does not conduct electricity. The manufacturer claims, E6000 can go through the voltage up to 400 Volts without breaking down. Yet,  if the voltage reaches a higher stage than its total limit, it can be risky.

7. Is E6000 waterproof?

Yes, it is. But E6000 is not like your common glue on the market. The typical glue on the market will assure you that they are waterproof. But, again, they will ask you not to contact them through water in a non-stop way. In the case of E6000, they do not advertise just for advertising. 

8. Is the E6000 good for fabric?

The E6000 is excellent for use on the fabric due to its extreme flexibility. The E6000 is easy to adjust with the clothes’ folds, and you will be able to clean your fabric as it is waterproof. It is acid-free with almost no odor.

9. Is E6000 toxic?

The E6000 never carries any dangerous fumes at its drying time. It may cause dizziness, headache, or nausea. Intentional misuse and wrong delivery can be harmful to your kidney. For that reason, you have to ensure your job place is well-ventilated and also you should keep it away from kids.

10. What is E6000 made of?

The industrial-strength glue is made from tetrachloroethylene, which is a synthetic adhesive. You can use it regularly in the space, aerospace, and engineering industries. 

11. Is E6000 Silicone?

E6000 is not silicone-based.

12. Is E6000 Washable?

E6000 is waterproof and heatproof, so it’s perfectly adaptable in the washer. You can wash your clothes at least 72 hours after putting E6000 on the clothes.

13. Is E6000 the same as Goop? (E6000 vs. Goop)

The Goop is just a bit thicker, silicone-based, and not so self-leveling. But E6000 is self-leveling and not silicone-based. Besides, E6000 has a variety of colors while Goop has not even a single one.

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Our E6000 glue review is about the multi-purpose latex-based and permanent adhesive to give you safe effectiveness. Using the E6000, no side effects you’ll experience through harmful product materials. 

You can smartly control all the unavoidable messy applications while using E6000. Besides, it works well to make a solid bonding to gems, stones, beads, and some kinds of intricate jewelry.

The E600, however, we found relatively high for industrial-grade strength. And, most importantly, it won’t crack under pressure. So, don’t miss having this wonderful glue for your DYE project.

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